Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spotlight Stories Revisited

     Here at Hibiscus House as well as where you are I am sure it is such a busy time of year. I thought that I would run the Spotlight Stories for you all to read and enjoy again and if you have not read them I hope you will enjoy them.  
     This is not what I started with in this blog but it has been one fulfilling, interesting sideline to talk to people even if it is just online from far away.  
     I still love the simple life Chuck and I have out here.  I will continue to write simple things but I want to thank everyone who has shared a part of themselves with me in these stories.
     If you would like to have your story on Spotlight Hibiscus House please feel free to let me know and we will certainly get it on.

Spotlight:  A Man Named Pearl

Debbie Bosworth, on the beach

Spotlight: Cottle Farms Columbia, Joy Dawn Cottle

Spotlight: Martha Richburg Dimery & Her Chicken Cake

Spotlight: Martha Richburg Dimery & Her Banjo Pickin

Spotlight: Ethel Hogue Ealson


 I certainly hope you enjoyed these stories as much as I have.  Please visit often and have a great day.  Remember as Steve Hartman says "Everyone Has a Story To Tell"  I have to agree with him. People are very interesting.  


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cleaning Out The Bluebird Nest

 Cleaning out the house

 One didn't hatch

Balancing the nest in the garden of good and evil

 I love this form of Hydrangea

 Hibiscus blooming

 We need to paint the windmill

Yes even this beat up pot and frog are cute...I
 went to throw the pot away but it was so cute in a trashy kind of way......

Please visit Dolly Is Cooking
We have been canning 

Also we are busy sewing and creating over at

Also Happy Memorial Day!

Until next time,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Simply Magnolias

  Taking time off from Spotlight of the Week 
I found these beautiful blooms in my sister Gwen's yard.  Aren't they pretty?  I have always loved magnolias, the beautiful sweet smelling blooms, those gorgeous leaves with the brown underneath.  I very much enjoy those large seed pods also.They are such a wonderful Southern way to decorate. 
Have an excellent weekend

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tour of Dot's Spring Garden Part Five: Garden Furniture

A wagon, cart, grandchild ride...a seat for the children

Alright in Dot's eyes this can be a bridge for the grandchildren to walk over.
A bench for others to sit on...any number of things...
Until it is cut and removed....

White Garden Tour

I sure hope you enjoyed Dot's Garden Tour Part Five

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Tour of Dot's Gardens Part Five:  The Garden Furniture