Top 10 Posts From 2013

I can't believe 2013 is coming to an end.  What a year it has been.  Personally for me it has been an extremely sad time because we lost mama.  She was such a treasure and I miss her smiling face daily.  You know her as Dot from her gardens to her recipes.  She has been the inspiration for just about everything I do and share.
God gave us such a wonderful mama, and I thank him.  I don't know what I would have done without his strength.  What would we do without him?
Now on with the new year.  There is an excitement in a new beginning.  Do you feel it?
What will you do?  Where will 2014 take you?  We will share our new year together.
Happy New Year to you all!


Spotlight Pam Stone: Comic, Actor, Radio Host, Writer, Rider, Exhausted!

You may remember Pam, she played Coach Judy Watkins on the TV Series Coach.  That was just one of her many interesting jobs.  She is so multitalented it is hard to express it all in such a small space.  We are going to try to do just that though.

I asked Pam lots of questions and she graciously agreed to give me a bio!
Here it is in her own words:

Merry Christmas

The Nativity
Le Nain, Antoine and Louis (d.1648) & Mathieu (1607-77) Private Collection / Photo © Christie’s Images / The Bridgeman Art Library

Matthew 1:23

23 "The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel"–which means, "God with us."

Old Testament Prophecy

Isaiah 7:14

14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. Immanuel means God with us.

Luke 2:6-7

6 While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, 7 and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. 

"Jesus is the Prince of Peace"

I've included some movies for you to watch if you wish.


Jesus (alternatively called The Jesus Film), is a 1979 motion picture which depicts the life of Jesus Christ according primarily to the Gospel of Luke in the Bible. It was co-directed by Australian Peter Sykes, Britons John Heyman and John Krisch and filmed in Israel.

I Will Eat Green Eggs and Ham!

Do you like green eggs and ham?  We are excited here at Hibiscus House with our new hen that is laying these colorful eggs.  Join us to see how that came about.

Memories and Sweet Potatoes

I have always loved sweet potatoes and my first memories of them are from long ago.

Hello and hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This time of year we in the south have  many wonderful foods available and the sweet potato is one of them I especially like.

Mama "Dot"
Beautiful inside and out!

D'Arceau Limoges: Colette

D'Arceau Limoges "Colette"  The Sportswoman of 1890
Plate #3 in the series of 12 "Women of the Century", a tribute by the artist FR. Ganeau
 Made of fine-art porcelain to the ascendance of western woman in the hundred years of Paris fashion.

Hibiscus House Spotlight~ Author Series: Beth Duke

Welcome Beth, I am delighted to have her as one of our Spotlight Stories.  I haven't had the pleasure of reading her books but intend to do so in the near future.  Reading this post is all the motivation I need to want to read her work. Join me now as we read what Beth has to share with us.

The Little Recipe Box Full of Memories!

 Here it is today, over 41 years old

I received this in 1972 at my bridal shower. Each guest was asked to write down one of their favorite recipes for me to keep in the new box.  I have a few recipes in the box and some of them are very funny.  I'm grateful for them.  I know it's hard writing a recipe from memory when put on the spot.  If you cook lots there will be some that you will know by heart. 

Dolly's Strawberry Banana Ganache

The macarons are from Chef Francois Payard.
I have to tell you they are one of the most delicious cookies that I've ever put into my mouth!

Louise has Joined Thelma in the Big Hen House in the Sky!

Yes I buried Louise today November, 14.  Today I'm paying respects to such a sweet hen.  Join me won't you.

Catie's Christmas Tree

My daughter Catie has such an eye for pretty things
Her white Christmas tree is one example
It is so whimsical
I love it!

The Antique Cookie Jar Collection

I now have this little collection sitting on top of Chuck's Grandmother's Pie Safe
They are a cute trio and they are the first things the grandsons look for when they visit.
It seems from birth these boys have been drawn to them.  They are cute aren't they?

Veterans Day

I haven't thought about it much but I have been surrounded by servicemen my entire life.  I had a granddaddy who served in WWI a daddy in WWII, and two husbands that have served in the Vietnam War.

It was always a part my life.  I can remember thinking and hoping that the Vietnam War would end quickly because I didn't want my brothers to go to war.  It was a scary time for me.

Daddy would share very little with we girls but when men came around I would hear bits and pieces.  He as all of the WWII Veterans was an extremely humble man.  The WWII Vets kept their humility even though they had done the most courageous acts.  I am so honored to have had a father like that and to have met some of his comrades after his death.  I did not even know what unit he served in during WWII.  I tell this and chill bumps cover my arms;  After his death I started researching different WWII Units and it fell into place I know God had a hand in it because in 2 weeks I had found him listed, found out where he served and with whom.  Years ago with the research I started a website on called Dad's War.  Here 

The Vietnam war; My thoughts on the veterans that came back: They felt under appreciated and almost hated for fighting a war that most had no choice in, nor wanted.  They were sent by our government and the anger should not have been directed at the soldiers.  Thank you Vietnam Vets for serving your country, at a time when the people of your country were going through something that was a little, might I say crazy, and didn't show you their thanks! 

Agent Orange: A hazard that plagues a great number of Vietnam Vets and people surrounding the area. Soldiers that served in other areas and countries were also effected, even in Thailand where Randy served.
We in America do not realize the extent of testing that was done with this even in our own country.  The amount of damage to us is yet to be determined.

Thank you to all veterans!

Husband Chuck
To read a little about his Vietnam Experience, I might add his unit was a secret in fact
according to most it did not exist; But it did read more
Click HERE
Quote from Chuck today:
Happy Veterans Day to all of America's veterans who served . 
Some gave all but all gave and I am proud to be one of you . 
God Bless You and God Bless America ...

My Daddy, Carl 
To read a little about his WWII Experiences 
Click HERE

My Father-in-Law
To read about his WWII Experience
Click HERE

I would be remiss if I did not include Randy for his service in the Air Force
during the Vietnam Era served in Thailand.
A truly honorable man and father to my children.

To all who have served and are now serving a heartfelt thank you!
God bless you and keep you.

The Freshest Greens Ever!

Grow your own vegetables but when you can't what is the next best thing?
Buy local! 
 Chuck and I haven't planted any of these this year.  I so love fresh vegetables and over the years have come to love collards, mustard, turnips, rutabagas.  I could go on and on because I love fresh fruit and produce of all kinds.

Happy Birthday Vivien Leigh

photo credit

Vivien Leigh
Happy 100th Birthday to You!  

I can tell you that as a small child growing up in South Carolina she was one of my favorite movie stars.  Our little elementary school in our small town of Timmonsville went to the movies.  Yes, we had a movie theater in our very small town. We went to see the educational "Gone With the Wind "  That at the time was a bit long for us children.  I guess we had gone from school to learn about the war, but like Scarlett, I thought war, war, war, who wants to talk about war!  I, a little girl was in awe of the big screen and the huge southern mansions, but most of all Scarlett.  It was She and the gowns!

My Favorite All-Time Movie!

What little girl wouldn't want a home like that and boys wanting to be at her beck and call?
It was like Cinderella with Scarlett already being the princess. 
We were mesmerized!

Simplehuman Dishrack Review

Today I will be reviewing a product that I personally purchased, it is The Simplehuman Steel Dishrack. My opinions are my own and I have had this item since 2011. I have a tendency to research an item before buying, so much so that sometimes it may take a year.  This was one of those products.  

Log Cake and Pumpkin Roll

I made this "Lumberjack Log Cake", as Catie calls it for her birthday.  The girl likes lumberjacks.  She is our family comedian.

Fall Spruce-Up and The Cotton is in bloom.

I enjoyed a walk today.  The weather was just wonderful.  So with the Fall weather coming I decided to take a few pictures on this walk up our long dirt driveway.
I love the look of cotton.

Simple White Sauce and Pan Seared Salmon

I decided to have salmon with fresh small green beans, broccoli with cheese sauce &  tossed salad

Hibiscus House Spotlight Paul Zimmerman

     We bloggers like to tell stories with lots of pictures and short descriptive quotes. There are times, however when we need more in writing to tell a story this is one of those times. 

Paul Zimmerman
Certified Rosarian
Rose Consultant to Biltmore Estate
Among other titles too numerous to name

     Today I would like to share with you the story behind this very interesting man.  It's true the fact that you never really know someone until you look further into their lives, their interests.  We all have our preconceived ideas of what someone is like.  I have found that most of the time we are wrong!

Everyone does indeed have a story to tell and this one is a great read!

     I'd like to introduce you to Paul Zimmerman.  If you haven't heard of him, I hope this article shares some insight into the man behind the ROSE.
     Paul was raised in Miami, Florida by wonderful Dutch parents.  He went to the University of Texas for two and a half years.  What did he take?  Aerospace Engineering of course.  He then decided that he didn't want to be a rocket scientist and went on to try other things.
     What did Paul do next you may ask?  I'll tell you.  He became a Juggler at Renaissance Fairs. This was for a short while and then he took the next logical step.  He went on to do Stand Up Comedy.  Living around the country Chicago, San Francisco and then finally settled in Los Angeles where he did his Stand Up for awhile.  Paul being the creative person he is, is this where it ends?  Of course not.
     His next job was as a writer for a late night talk show Into the Night with Rick Dees.  It was then that he met Pam Stone his wife.


     She had come from Georgia and had land back in the South.  More on the land later.  You may even know of her and her fame. She is an author, actress, comedian, and radio host who is known for her 7 seasons in the ABC Sit-Com Coach.  Now writing her syndicated column, "I'm Just Saying" (First Place winner in the 2012 SC Press Association Awards). 

 I love me a Turkey Butt Samwich:  Finding a Farm Life After Hollywood
One of her books
Do you get the feeling that these two are terribly creative?

     It was at this time in LA that Paul really became interested in roses. He had mowed lawns as a kid back in Miami but there weren't many roses there.  LA had beautiful roses and he decided to order a few and learn more about them. 
     That began the gardening in LA.  While gardening he was over at this lady's home who happened to be President of the Rose Society. He was pruning her roses and a neighbor asked him how much he charged for that.  That led to his new adventure, rose gardening. He before long had a business with five employees taking care of 60 to 70 rose gardens in the LA area.  You know the Bel Aire, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Crowd.

  Everybody in that area had a pool guy, a hair guy, They were the rose guys!  They had an exclusive motto "We Don't do Weeds" .  That is how it began.  His interest began to lie more in the "Old Garden Roses".  The David Austin Roses had come out at that time too.

      Paul and Pam decided to move back to the South. South Carolina as a matter of fact, that makes me happy.  I can understand why they chose South Carolina being from here myself!  That is when he started a rose nursery called Ashdown Roses.
     Ashdown Roses is no longer, it is now Paul Zimmerman Roses.  He decided that he could do more with roses by writing a book and sharing his knowledge in that way.  Helping others  that had never grown roses, or had grown them and found them to be too difficult to grow.

Paul's new book
Click HERE 
He wants us to know if a rose doesn't do well in your garden, simply take it out! After all a rose is just like any other plant!

      You all know how much I love roses. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book from P. Allen Smith and it will be my guide for growing new roses.  It puts growing roses in a new perspective and I like it!
      I had been watching You Tube Videos from Ashdown Roses and enjoying them very much. I didn't know who he was only that he was a joy to watch and I learned something new about growing roses every time I watched him.  Then I win this book and say to myself, "Hey I know this guy!"  from the videos I love. So pay Paul a visit at his websites, his You Tube,and watch a few videos you'll enjoy them too.