Santa's List by Fitz and Floyd Dinnerware

Today sharing the dinnerware pattern that goes along with the cookie jar and teapot I recently shared.

It is stoneware which makes it for comfortable dining at any time.  
It was discontinued in 1995-1996

Fitz and Floyd Santa's List

Hello, hope you are all having the most wonderful of holiday seasons!  
Last year I shared with you one of my fine china patterns that I use at Christmas.  It was made by Fitz and Floyd and called "St. Nicholas"  You can see that pattern here if you wish.
Today I share another Fitz and Floyd pattern that is a Christmas stoneware. I love to use this because the children enjoy it.
It is called "Santa's List"

Our Christmas Tree And The Designers

This year I just had no time to decorate the tree so I decided to get some help.
I ran out to the storage to pick up the slim artificial tree and a box of ornaments and 
quickly grabbed a very old tree skirt.
I had to hurry because it is Christmas Eve and I've yet to do the tree!
Can you believe it?  
I can't!

Dot's Santa Collection

Join me today as I open a box to see just what is in it

The Quilt I Kept and Sur la table Product Review!

I had to share this cute little quilt set that I got for a great price last after Christmas sale at our local Belk Store.  It is a wholecloth quilt but still very cute. Do you shop the sales and buy sometimes not knowing what you will do with them?  I do and already have given two of these sets away. They came in handy, but this one stayed with me! 

The Live Oak in the South

Oak Alley Plantation with oak lined pathway

We in the south love our Live Oaks.  They are as much a part of our landscape as a home itself.  There is a tradition of sorts that follows the planting of them in our yards.

Many of them were planted in the 17 and 1800s.  I read somewhere where the tradition of lining one's driveway with them had a purpose.  I just thought they did it for the beauty of it and have always loved them.  The reason was that these grand trees are very thirsty and would keep the driveways drier for easier transportation whatever the means of travel.  Did you know that?

I found in reading further that Napoleon installed thousands of Platanus along French roads for his soldiers to have shade but he did the same in Russia to soak up the snow.  There are trees that line the Champs Elysees and people have always wondered why.  I had no idea as to the reasoning behind planting them.

Touring Texas: BBQ Texas Style

Chuck and I had just gotten into Abilene and he was especially hungry.  He had talked of nothing except that he wanted some Texas BBQ.  He does love his South Carolina BBQ and the sauces, but just had to try some different BBQs. Join me today for a visit to two of them....

Touring Texas: On The Road In Texas

Mr. Jimmie, Me and Mrs. Neta

This was a fun and windy day.  We traveled through several areas and this picture was taken at a car wash that some of Mrs. Neta's family work at or own not sure which.  They weren't working but we enjoyed it there anyway. I think this was in Breckenridge, Texas.  I looked at the property next door and saw this!

Randall The Cowboy Poet

You probably already know that Chuck and I took a trip to Texas in August. We went to meet Mr.Wheeler who fought and survived a shipwreck in WWII with my daddy.   I'll add links at bottom of this post for you to see if you haven't.  Today I want you to meet one of his son's Randall "Randy".

South Carolina

Our state and what a state it is.  I'm so proud to be from South Carolina!  Are you proud of your home state?  I hope so.  

I truly feel blessed to have been born and raised here.  We South Carolinians are a proud people.  We're proud of our heritage and pass it along so others will know.  We are not ashamed of our past because our ancestors helped to build that past.  We grow and learn from the past.  What a wonderful thing to have a past that we can build on. Others will look at these days and hopefully learn from our mistakes. We all make them, but do not be ashamed of your roots, ever!  

This past week has been something else.  We here in South Carolina have witnessed and been a part of one of the worst weather patterns.  I sit here now and read about what and how it has affected us.

Touring Texas: Jimmie Ray's Appaloosas

Today in South Carolina we are soaked with lots of rain and flooding from the weather and Hurricane Joaquin was lurking in the sea.  We are having extreme levels and closings because of the flooding, but I'm thankful that it didn't hit land. 

Looking back through the Texas pictures I found these and wanted to share some sunshine and horses with you today!  Take a look at Jimmie Ray's beautiful Appaloosas!

Touring Texas: Jimmie Ray & Susie's Farm Part One

Jimmie Ray and Susie
I call them my other brother/sister from another mother/father!

I'd like you to meet the people who made it possible for me to meet Mr. Wheeler, my dad's WWII war buddy.  Without them this wouldn't have been possible.  Susie I'm so glad you didn't give up the search and you've made us very happy! These are two of the most genuinely nice people you'd ever want to meet!
I got so carried away taking pictures and now find it hard to pick out the most favorite.  I know I have to do that so here goes!

Touring Texas: Let's Go to Buffalo Gap

The Wheeler's have given Chuck and me such a great time in Texas.  Today was a big touring day.  We went to Frontier Texas ate a little lunch and now we're heading out to Buffalo Gap.  Mr. Wheeler's son, Randall lives there so we will visit him while there.

You may remember I let my camera battery die and at a time when pictures of this day would have been some of the best...yes, I was sad.  Today I share in the form of short fun and informative videos.

Carole West of Garden Up Green DIY: Scrap Wood Spice Rack

Today I'm so pleased to have guest host Carole West of Garden Up Green. I really enjoy her blog and know that you will too!  Today she shares an excellent reuse for scrap wood.  Join me now in welcoming Carole to Hibiscus House.

Meeting The Wheelers

I just love this fence and the signs.  I love Texas!  It is true everything is bigger in Texas.  You can drive for miles and miles and miles and not see a thing.  Beautiful scenery, hills, trees, large farm entrances complete with signs etc.  You have to look really hard to see the homes and if you look up sometimes you will see a huge home or two.  I kept hearing the theme from "Dallas" in my head the entire time.  Yards are farms and cover acre after acre.  Huge properties.

You are gonna laugh but I kept seeing men in jeans, boots and cowboy hats and I thought my goodness everybody acts like cowboys...then it hit me.  "Dolly, you crazy thing you are in Texas.  This is cowboy rancher country"!

I thought it was time to share a few of the pictures I took while visiting my daddy's friend and war buddy.

Frontier Texas: Touring Texas With Mr. Wheeler in his Howard Hughes Cadillac!

Mr Wheeler on the left talking with the Frontier Texas Folks
They were extremely nice and helpful

Today we were in for quite a day.  Mr. Jimmie planned a day of sightseeing for all of us.  I was thrilled and his wife was so proud that he had made these plans and wanted to go.  He wanted to show us around this state he loves.  We are in the Heart of Texas!
He said we were going in style in his favorite car his Howard Hughes Cadillac!  It is in pristine shape I must say and fully loaded.  A true classic.  We did ride in style!
I share in videos and a few pictures because I forgot to charge my camera battery.  Wouldn't you know it and today was touring day in Texas with Mr. Wheeler!  I did find enough to give you a glimpse of this first stop in our tour. I recommend that you watch the short videos they are filled with fun facts!  Frontier Texas here we come!

What Are The Odds?

Mr. Jimmie Wheeler

I am at a loss for words.  Yes I know that is hard to believe, but it's true.  Do you believe there are things in life that happen and even you can't explain them?  I believe that things happen for a reason, we may not know the reasons but they are there.  I personally believe that God puts us where we are to be and in His own time.

Little Fruit Harvest

 "Blue Lake Bunch Grapes"
These are the best little cluster grapes.
Today I share the fruits that we wait on yearly.
I look at the bare trees, bushes and vines &
think with excitement of the fruits they will bear in season.

ohuhu Expandable Garden Hose Product Review

Most of you know that I do product reviews, depending on the product as to which of my blogs is appropriate.  Today I review two of ohuhu Expandable Garden Hoses.  One is a 17 ft. that extends to 50 ft.  The other is 33 ft. that extends to 100 ft.

Goodbye Summer Vacation!

Saying Goodbye to Summer in pictures!

What's Going On in? July

The weather has been extremely hot as you probably know.  Pears and grapes are ripening, tomatoes have done all they're going to do this year and we really didn't make many.  It has been an extremely hot and dry July here. This sandy soil has always been great for squash and peas.  Can you believe it is August already? School will soon start here and it has been one of the shortest summers I can remember. 
Join me won't you for a short believe it or not look back to July here at Hibiscus House....

Happy Birthday Cop!

What a great week we've had enjoying Chuck's Birthday!  The family always tries to get together and most of that time is spent eating good food and enjoying each other's company.  
Join me for a birthday week with our "Cop"!....

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!

That's what little boys are made of!  Maybe add a little bit of dirt, mud, water, fish and lots of sweetness and then you have it!
Aren't they adorable?  Yes they are!  Today I share our boys and their fishing adventures in pictures....

Peaceful Unexpected Mini Vacation!

Hazy Morning

I'll be sharing in pictures today and hope you find them as restful and peaceful as I did.  We went on a day trip that turned into several days at the beach.  I thank the relatives that invited us into their beach vacation!  A beautiful home, dock, waterfront and a short walk to beach access.  Saw some fish caught, including sharks, enjoyed family!  It must have been THE place to be because the neighbors and ourselves couldn't stay away! 
If you haven't been to South Carolina's Beaches do yourself a favor and come on down!  We like it down at Garden City.  Peaceful, secluded at times with plenty of activities for young and old!
Come on in and see the pictures......

Fratelli Carli

Oneglia is the year of a bountiful harvest of olives.  E' on this particular occasion Giovanni Carli, one of six children of typesetter Carlo Carli has the idea of offerering the olive oil produced from the groves of the family, not to local merchants but to nearby families from the nearby Piedmont. Riding his Bianchi Bike part to the houses of the first customers who immediately appreciate the quality of this oil.  His vision and determination are the foundations that have allowed us to Fratelli Carli today. credit
Join me as I tell of these excellent products and the wonderful family company that bring them to us....

We Americans Owe so Much to These Men!

Do you ever give any thought to our founding fathers?  I mean really.  I can truthfully say that I don't give it much thought anymore, not since school anyway.  Oh yearly I'll think about it around July 4th. but that's about it.  
I never knew how much each of them gave up when they signed "The Declaration of Independence".  We should never, ever take our freedoms for granted.  To the ones that started our country, to the brave men and women who have fought and continue to fight for that freedom we give our thanks!
Join me in a little history...

Sir Paul McCartney My Mother's Day Gift

Catie, Carly and I on top floor of parking garage going to see Paul McCartney

You may remember on Mother's Day Carly, John and Catie gave me a fabulous gift; tickets to see Paul McCartney.  I was so thrilled!  
It has taken me 51 years to see a member of my favorite all time musical group.  I am so thankful to the children for such a nice gift and I get to enjoy it with the girls!
Come on inside to see our fabulous trip....

I'm Going to Paint the Porch Ceiling 'Haint Blue'

I've been debating painting the porch ceiling blue.  I'm not superstitious.  I do however have several things that I won't talk about for fear others will think I'm crazy.  I'm not of course but strange things do happen around me, my family, our homes always seem to be built near some type of graveyard that people years before have either covered over or moved (I hope).
Family members in the past have spoken of "Haints" and I always thought their tales were very interesting.  Maybe I'll tell some of them one day.  Haints, you know ghosts, haunts etc.  In the old days people thought there were certain things you could do to keep the haints away from your home.
Great Aunt Luna and Uncle Mac lived in Charleston and the tales they and my Grandma Cora told about haints were quite interesting.
I tell you all of this to say I'm gonna do it, paint the Hibiscus House Porch Ceiling "Haint Blue".  Join me today as I discuss some of the history behind this Southern Tradition.....

'Mimi's' Boot Camp 2015

Every year I have my grandson for what I like to call 'Mimi Camp'.  A boot camp of sorts.  That is what I tell him anyway.  This year I have the two of them.  H is now old enough to come to camp also.  We do hard labor.  Well, come on in I'll tell you all about it....

Update On The Buff Orpingtons and Goodbye Jasse "Jesse"

2 1/2 Weeks Old

June is here can you believe it?  I can't these months just fly by.  You probably remember the cute little picture that I posted not long ago.  It is amazing how quickly they grow!  They are very beautiful and sweet!  Look at them  aren't they adorable?  They have really grown come on inside and see how much...

Butterflies, Bees & Flowers!

Look at the bee

My Mama always walked her gardens daily to check the growth, see the blooms, and give everybody a tour.  It gave her such joy to show and tell us all about it.  I guess I get that honest because I love the garden walks too.  Today I'm on an early morning stroll to see what is blooming...

Spotlight Story: Author Virginia C Hart

I'm so pleased and honored to have Virginia as one of our Spotlight Stories.  Author of Beneath The Lie and The Final Pairing.  I received Beneath The Lie for Mother's Day and I can't wait to read it.  It will mean even more to me now that I've read this wonderful author's story.  A native of my own state of South Carolina I knew that I had learn more about her.  I truly believe that the best stories are the ones written by the person themselves.  Virginia proves my point and I'm so glad she has graciously written her story for us.  Please join me want you as we see how this talented lady got her start.

Teasing Georgia

I've come to realize through posting on this blog that I definitely am a lover of roses.  There are certain ones that I've noticed seem to perform well here in this South Carolina Garden.  This is one lovely rose and I'd like to share it with you today along with some information about it.

We Have Buff Orpingtons!

I am so excited that we finally have Buff Orpingtons here at Hibiscus House.  This picture shows them at 2 1/2 weeks old.  We really lucked up getting them at 2 1/2 weeks.  To me that means 2 1/2 weeks less to have under the light in the brooder!  Come on inside to see more pictures and video of these beautiful little chicks.

Gloria and Her Azaleas

Good morning!  I thought I'd take you back to a month ago when the azaleas were blooming.   Isn't Gloria a cute fountain?  I just like to walk around the gardens and see her sweet gentle face.  I've planted white azaleas around her and it is a peaceful garden.  I have four azaleas in this garden.  Three bloom first and the one behind Gloria blooms last.  When we plant things we hope that certain ones will bloom at the same time and if you stop to think about it they should.  Planted same time and the same type of plants, yet they show you they have a mind of their own.  Gloria's azalea the one directly behind her is always last but let me tell you it is a grand bloomer.  It takes it's time showing up but when it makes it's grand entrance it is well worth it!  Come on into the garden to see....

May What's Going On?

I trust that all of the mothers out there had a wonderful day!  I did and was surprised by my children in such cute and fun ways!  I tear up when I think about how much they mean to me.  I'd be lost without them.  Come on inside to see What's Going On....

The Old Homeplace

Not long ago I posted a few pics of the old shack and hand pump.  Today I share a few more that were taken that day.  I love the fact that there is beauty to be found in everything.  Look at the old buildings and items saved from others now gone.  Notice the colors and the textures. Time has a way of changing things, doesn't it?  Buildings fall, items rust and no longer work, but the memories linger on.  
Join me today won't you for a look at simple beauty......

We Lost King Today

"King" the White Rock Rooster

We were saddened today to find King dead in a pen with several roosters.  The culprit J.R. had to go.  I've secluded him in a makeshift jail for months.  I even gave him his own flock of hens.  Nothing ever seemed to work.  He was just crazy mean to other chickens be they hen or rooster.  He put my precious "Spot's" eye out and almost took the other out.  He killed the young rooster of King's and now he has killed "King".  He had to go.

The Old Shack & Hand Pump

Good morning!  Do you have favorite spots from homes in the past?  Spots that just steal your heart?  I do and this little shack that was hand built by a family member who has now gone on to Heaven is just one of those.  Join me as I share the old shack and hand pump...

Casper and the Chickens

Casper, the dirty Great Pyrenees, King the White Rock Rooster, Pat The Hammer (named by my grandson) and Cora Lee

I think it's time to show these wonderful creatures.  It's been awhile since I've shown them.  The weather was pretty and a few ventured out the gate to eat.  Come on out as we sit and watch the backyard animals.....

Authentic Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea & Hibiscus House Roses

I've been blessed with some very good, well excellent old garden roses.  I've lost some due to hot weather then there are some that just thrive no matter what happens.  I did lose four of my favorite roses from the heat and dry conditions we had here in South Carolina last year.  Today I want to tell you a little bit about Authentic Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea and how it works with my roses.  I should say show you what it does for them.  Please come on out to the rose gardens with me if you will.

Spotlight Story: Annie Haven A Modern Day Rancher!

I am so honored to have this amazing lady as our Spotlight Story.  I'll admit that I've been in awe of her ever since I met her online a few years ago.  Awe and admiration are two words I use to describe Annie.  She and her family are in a way an important part of our gardening heritage.  Her Family is responsible for providing seeds across the worldThe Haven Family Heritage is quite interesting.  Annie is continuing her family's legacy in another great way.  Join me now as I share some very interesting facts about Annie and The Haven Family....

Hey, Let's Take a Walk to See What's Blooming!

Yellow Jasmine our South Carolina State Flower.  It is very pretty and smells so good.  I saw this while taking a walk on a pretty morning last week.  I thought I'd share some of the naturally beautiful things in Spring.

He is not here!

Jerusalem Tomb of the Garden

He is not here, He has risen, just as He said.  Come and see the place where He lay.
Matthew 28:6

Jesus Christ on the Cross "Good Friday"

2 Corinthians 5:21New International Version (NIV)

21 God made him who had no sin to be sin[a] for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

Jesus Praying

Matthew 26:38-42 (New King James Version)
Then He said to them, “My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death. Stay here and watch with Me.” He went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.” Then He came to the disciples and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, “What! Could you not watch with Me one hour? Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Again, a second time, He went away and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if this cup cannot pass away from Me unless I drink it, Your will be done.”

Three Dog Night

Front:  Cory Wells, Danny Hutton, Center Stool:  Michael Allsup, 
Back Left to Right:  Paul Kingery, Pat Bautz
Join me for more on our trip to see Three Dog Night  and be sure to click the links in the post for more information and music....