Top Ten Posts of 2016

2016 has been quite a year hasn't it?  I can't believe it is almost over.  Looking forward to the new year as I'm sure you are, but today I'm sharing the Top Ten Posts of 2016.

Sweet, Salty & Cinnamon Roasted Pecans Three Recipes

Who loves pecans?  Pea-Cans or Pea-Cons, no matter how you say it, are such a part of our Southern Heritage and traditions, For generations the ladies have sat around kitchen tables talking of special recipes to have.  The very special ones that they always have at Christmas time!  Sharing or not sharing whatever the case their most favorite.  The common denominator I've always found while standing around listening to them was one special ingredient and that would be the pecan!

Then the next step would be to go find a tree and start picking them up in the Fall.  Shelling (I'm not especially fond of this) would be the next thing to do.  Oh and most importantly not selling them all to the buyers!  Yes I remember hearing this a lot, "Wonder how much they're bringing this year?" That would be the pricing which seemed to change yearly.  Then hearing, "Well the pecans didn't do well this year." or "Now this is a pecan year the trees are loaded!"

I hope you're blessed with pecan trees in your yard, if not have friends or relatives that are!  I remember Grandmother Johnson having roasted pecans especially at Thanksgiving or Christmas time. No, I didn't get her recipe, if any relatives out there have it please share with me.  Today I share a simple, well three simple recipes!

Farmacy BeautyTrial

Farmacy Beauty sent three products for me to try and review.  This is exciting to try products that come from natural sources.  I am beginning today December 11th.  Let me tell you it is the perfect time for a trial.  The coldest night was last night and my skin is so very dry, chapped and itching. 

Catie is Cooking Video and Newly Married Update!

I'm smiling and one of the reasons is this youngest of mine Catie.  She has never shown any interest in cooking until now.  She told her sister and me last week, "I don't know what's going on with me but I just want to cook."  I told her that she was just settling into married life and homemaking.  I also said sorry honey but you must take after your mama more than you think.  

Catie & Doug in the Mountains

Today I'm sharing some of the beautiful mountain scenery along with Catie & Doug from their honeymoon.  Just look at the waterfall behind the happy couple. I still can't believe my baby girl is married!

One Thing Leads To Another!

We've had a few contractors out recently examining the damage from Hurricane Matthew.  Let me tell you that is a feat in itself because of the extensive damage here in South Carolina.  They are so busy it's hard to get to them. Isn't it funny when talking about painting this and that you can already see what else you would like to do as well?  If you have to paint this room then other rooms would look nice painted.  Don't you think?  Yes, one thing leads to another.

Product Review: Chopping Block Set by Joseph Joseph

This is a review that I did on Dolly is Cooking about three years ago. I no longer have that website so I'm putting it on here. This particular item or a comparable one can be found here.  I recently won a selection of their products and I'll share that post next.

Catie and Doug are Married!

You've no doubt heard me say many times that Catherine (Catie) is my clown, my comedian, if not she is.  She is my youngest and  has always done things in her own way.  All who meet her tend to love her and the mere mention of her name promotes a smile on their face.

Doug is as she would say "The lumberjack of her dreams".  No he isn't a lumberjack, but she has always wanted that type of outdoorsy person.  She found him.  He has a kind and gentle nature about him with the most pleasant smile.  He also sounds like Matthew McConaughey, so everybody likes to hear him say, "Alright, Alright, Alright."  You may if you follow the design site know him because he was the model for many of my aprons.

Today I share bits from our little gathering we had here at home after they were married in a private ceremony.  Join me won't you.

Gaston Decides to Leave the Coop!

I don't know if he thought about it for awhile or if that fateful day he just decided he wanted to be free.  All I know is I opened the gate to feed them up and let Casper out for his daily run.  The door was open as always but on this day Gaston decided to saunter on out of it.

Sweet As Candy Apple Crisp

It's that time of year for wonderful tasty apples.  This recipe will use up a few Granny Smiths and your family or guests won't mind either. You will hear a few oohs and aahs when they dig into this rich dessert.

A Hurricane, A Wedding, Canadian Family Visiting,Fresh Flowers & Blanching Butter Beans in October!

We certainly have had quite some weather in South Carolina, a hurricane and it has been unseasonably warm.  I'm not complaining about the warmth mind you because I love it! We have mosquitoes here that seem the size of dragon flies!
More importantly my youngest married, we have had wonderful visits with family from Canada and those here that we haven't seen in awhile. I just can't believe that I'm cutting fresh flowers and it is the end of October. I found some delicious fresh green butter beans (lima beans) at McLeod Farms. We are awaiting repairs on the house as well.  We are still so much more blessed than some who have suffered much more.  I will be glad however to be able to move the cooking pots and buckets out of the room that has a massive leaky roof...well that and my closet...

I Won a Month's Worth of Meals From PeachDish & Joseph Joseph!

Can you tell I was excited to win this?  This is such a luxury for me!  You know I cook simply with easy recipes from staples that I generally keep in the home anyway. This will be a treat! 
I received my first shipment this week! I will share today the first meal cooked and how I personally would rate it! Join me won't you as I tell you all about it just in case you aren't familiar with PeachDish!

Beefy Mushroom Pasta in Cream Sauce

This simple recipe is a good hearty rich recipe that will make any meal satisfying.  People kid me about not eating simply from box meals like oh say Hamburger Helper.  I guess you could say this is my Homemade version of that box meal.

South Carolina Strong!

some photos for the collage credit Nikki Haley Facebook

Hello out there!  I say that because we here in South Carolina have been through quite a time recently with the weather. Hurricane Matthew came slow rolling on through with lots and lots of rain. I'm glad it is over! 
We're so blessed that we tend to take so much for granted. Times like this remind us of what is most important. Praying for others that are still having such troubles in other states and Haiti as well.  
Join me as I talk a little about our experience and how proud I am of our home state.

Asparagus and Mushrooms in Cream Sauce

Do you like asparagus?  I really do and most of the time we steam or bake it in the oven sprinkled with some coarse salt and drizzled with a great olive oil. It is so delicious cooked simply in that manner, but sometimes I like it cooked in another way.  This asparagus was not in the best of shape was beginning to be a little old, well frankly it was a little limp when I purchased it but I couldn't resist it that day. What does one do when it isn't looking it's best well buy two bundles!  How crazy am I? To remedy that make a delicious rich casserole that will disguise the less than crisp vegetable.  When using the best ingredients to make this creamy rich casserole you can't go wrong.

Drying Flowers with Borax Cornmeal Mixture

I do enjoy growing flowers and hydrangeas are one of my favorites. This comes from being a child and visiting my grandma's house. She had some of the most beautiful blue old fashioned ones growing at the front of her porch. I remember just standing and looking at those beautiful flowers and the Crepe Myrtle trees that stood close by. 
For years I've cut and brought them inside to dry naturally for a touch of color during the winter months. This year I decided to dry some in this mixture and well I'll tell you more about it in this post.

Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

Do you like biscuits?  Do you make your own?  I love them but don't make them often. What can take the place of a hot flaky biscuit pulled apart and served with warm creamy butter? In my mind nothing can. My grandmother's did this three times a day. I'll never forget that and let me tell you they were all different but so delicious!  Grandma Cora was so funny! Once she said to me, "Your granddaddy puts his feet under that table three times a day and expects his biscuits three times a day"!  God bless her she was such a mess and they really spoiled their men back then. Some of us still do! My mama made them almost daily not three times but once a day and neighbors from miles around would come to her kitchen to eat her biscuits and drink her sweet tea! A little Southern Tradition here.

Au Gratin Potatoes

I Love potatoes, I really do. When I was a young teenager I would come home and fry potatoes from scratch for my brothers sisters and me of course! There were five of us, I was the oldest and mama and I always cooked from scratch. This was something we kids loved for our after school snack.
Now I just love potatoes period. Wish I had mama's recipe for this but this is as close as I can come, so I'll share it with you now.

Have Your New Mattress Made Especially For You!

Today I'm talking about mattresses.  You know the not much talked about item in your home that can make or break a night or day.  This was a fun purchase but one that took some decisions on the part of the people who are to sleep in this bed.  Yes we are two very different individuals when it comes to what we like to sleep on. Join me today for our new mattress and how we ordered it!

WHITES ONLY Laundry Mixture

I've been asked recently for this mixture.  I think that it is a wonderful cleaning mixture and should have a post of it's own. Today I share two recipes or mixtures that work extremely well.  Keep in mind this is for "White Laundry Only".

Prepping Fruits and Vegetables for the Week!

I've seen a lot of ladies on the internet making salads for the week, putting them in canning jars and thought what a cool idea.  I also wondered how long they would last that way.  Well I tried it and found that mine lasted in canning jars for 12 days.  The last salad was just as crisp and tasty as the first.  I take that back it was crisper than the first.

WWII True Story: Sinking Ship, Leaky Life Vest, Two Men Hanging On!

Sadly this week Mr. Wheeler was buried with military honors.  You can imagine how sad we are to lose this man, this hero, this WWII legend!  Today I share his personal account of what he and my daddy Carl endured during the sinking of this LST off the coast of Anzio. The story itself, as you may know, is close to my heart and to have it used in his funeral made it all the more touching.  Isn't it ironic that this true WWII Hero basically wrote his own Military Eulogy

In Loving Memory

Mr. Jimmie Joshuay Wheeler
Being laid to rest today September 14, 2016

Testing & Washing Bed Pillows

Do you test and wash your bed pillows?
Over the years I've made some pretty big mistakes like washing my grandma's feather bed pillows. The covers were dark blue with off white stripe ticking and they had them for quite a while.  She gave me some and young Dolly decided to machine wash them in hot water.  The hot water only made them smell like dead birds!  I aired them outside for days it seems and don't believe they ever smelled decent enough to sleep on again. This brings me to the question do you wash your bed pillows? We're talking pillow washing today.

Simple Summer Blooms

I love so much about Spring and Summer until the extreme heat and humidity set in. This lady doesn't get all of her yard work done. 

So please pay no mind (even though your eyes will go directly there to the grass growing in my tree and flower beds.  

Simple Oven Baked Hamburgers

Hamburgers where did that name come from?  I really don't know? There are several things found on the internet but no real true historical reason so I won't say.  All I know is that we love them here, although we don't have them often for some strange reason.  We all love a grilled hamburger don't we?  There are times that we just don't or aren't able to grill them so a wonderful substitute way of cooking is simply baking them.  Join me today, Labor Day for cooking hamburgers.

Cracker Cobbler ~ Peach

Friends you know that we love our cobblers here.  This is a little different because I am making homemade crackers a recipe similar to my biscuit recipe but rolled flat and sliced like crackers or flat dumplings. They are then baked until they begin to brown on the bottom and used to top fruit. Today I'm using fresh peaches simmered in a syrup sweetened to your liking with a little bit of cornstarch added for thickening. Delicious cracker cobbler and if topped with vanilla ice cream a decadent recipe to be sure.

Glamis Castle English Rose

I purchased four very beautiful English Roses called Glamis Castle from Heirloom Roses in 2015.  I really like the own root roses and think this one will be a winner.  Whew, it's been so hot this summer in South Carolina and I have to admit my gardens have gone without the care and grooming they deserve.  Yes, I'm guilty of that but I wanted to share these young roses with you today.

Italian Crusted Chicken Breast

I love chicken breast especially the young, small, and tender ones. Those huge ones are just way too tough and hard to make melt in your mouth delicious, no matter how you cook them.  Thankfully I have a butcher that sells the most delicious meats and poultry.  If you find a good source it is well worth the travel and extra expense I assure you.  Today is an extremely simple recipe, so simple in fact that I feel silly posting it but sometimes simple is all you need!

Traditions: You're Not Going To Make Me Wash In That Tin Tub!

This man washes in a tin tub while the little girl watches.  

I remember we had a large tin bathtub that we washed in, we could sit in it as children.  It was a very long time ago.  I also remember a cousin that came down from up north and when mama told him it was time to take a bath I remember his exact words, "I'm not going to take a bath in that tin tub"! Today's post is about how far we've come and how much we take for granted. I hope you enjoy this retro post.

Fresh Peach Pie Filling Recipe

I like peach anything really.  Sliced peaches fresh, canned, in a bowl, on top of cake, hot peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream, peach ice cream and oh my yes, peach pie all are delicious!  Today sharing a little bit spicy Peach Pie Filling.

Butter Pie Crust ~ Two Crust Recipe

You know here in the South we love our butter!  It just makes everything taste so much better!  I can still see my Grandma Cora's beautiful hands making that homemade butter from her cow Sookie pronounced Suki.  That was a gorgeous Jersey Cow!  A little Southern Tradition Memory for you.
I got sidetracked, but I had a jug of buttermilk hanging around so I thought, "Well, butter and buttermilk have a lot in common, why not make a crust with the two. A little twist to most butter pie shell recipes.


website USA here 

Wild Berries Crema di Frutta releases its rich mixture of aromas in an instant: red currants, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and wild strawberries. Alternating sensations of sweetness and sharpness in one mixture for the joy of your palate. credit and more information here


I have been using Fratelli Carli Olive Oils exclusively for some time now.  I can tell you it is the best there is!  We've done a post that explains a lot about this Italian family business that has been producing wonderful products for over 100 years.  Read about it here
Today I feature their Pasta Penne Rigate and one of their excellent Gourmet Pasta Sauces. What can I say about this product?  Let me see.

Fratelli Carli Miele Di Acacia Plus Bonus Recipe!

Today I'm talking honey.  Do you like honey?  Do you eat honey a lot?  I have to confess that I really like honey and cook with it occasionally but don't eat it a lot.  I was given this product for a review and was all to happy to oblige.

Cauliflower & Cheese Leftovers? Make Cauliflower in Cheese Sauce.

Do you like cauliflower?  I do but for some strange reason don't have it enough.  I love it raw, steamed and if I'm feeling extravagant I love it in a rich homemade cheese sauce. 

I Love Jacques Pepin & Sur la table!

I really like Jacques Pepin a lot!  Love his cooking techniques of course but also I love to hear him speak.  His eyes, have you ever noticed them?  He expresses such emotion with those eyes as well. Today I'm sharing his beautiful collection handcrafted ceramics, cookware, linens & more from Sur la table.


Fresh flowers, fresh vegetables can anything be any better?
Today's Topic is "Simple"

Cowboy Party Continuing: Summer Heat Simple Party Activities & Bubble Mixture

Hello All!
I hope you're finding a way to stay cool and hydrated with the summer heat.  This post is a continuation of Chuck's 'This Ain't My First Rodeo Birthday Party'.  We had a semi-small group of family and friends here to celebrate.  The problem was it was so extremely hot with record highs in humidity!  Whew, my problem was what to do with children and adults to entertain?

This Ain't My First Rodeo!

This picture said it all!
I found this online and thought 'Heck Yeah'!
This is Chuck!  Cowboy, Patriotic Stars & Stripes!  Perfect!

This day was a pretty big birthday for my Chuck. The girls and I wanted to surprise him with an almost kids party! The party wasn't a surprise just the decor and theme. 
It was just for our immediate family because that in itself is quite the 'Brady Bunch'. We have lots of grandchildren combined so when you get them together you'd better make it fun for them so all can enjoy, or you'll spend most of your time lassoing them and putting them in a corral
Today I'm sharing the very simple 'Cowboy Themed Birthday Party'. Join me won't you.

High Five Naturals Silicone Trivet Hot Pad Set

Today I do a review on this silicone hot pad trivet set.  You see where they are don't you?  Yes right where I can get my hands on them and quickly too.  Join me as I give you the results of the testing.

High Five Naturals Silicone Suction Lids

Today I share the product review of these silicone suction lids.  Join me won't you.

High Five Naturals Silicone Cooking Gloves

photo credit

Today I review the product Silicone Cooking Gloves.  I rarely wear even a cooking mitt in cloth and primarily use hot pads.  This would be a challenge but then again I love a challenge.  Join me won't you.

High Five Naturals LEGO Candy Molds

Look at these happy boys.  Can you tell that they really like these?  Well they do!  Join me as we review this fun and versatile product.

High Five Naturals Silicone Egg Poachers

Today I review another product from HighFiveNaturals.  My husband Chuck loves poached eggs so I was delighted when they contacted me about doing the review.  Join me for the results.

Kitchen Bitz Lemon & Lime Squeezer

You probably know that here at Hibiscus House from time to time we do product reviews.  Today I'm reviewing the Kitchen Bitz Lemon & Lime Squeezer.  Hint * I used this the other day to make lemonade for over 20 very thirsty hot people.  Join me won't you.

Hibiscus House Grapes

Pretty, aren't they?  I love them and this year they are loaded with beautiful sweet fruit.  We planted these a little over three years ago.  It took a little time to place the posts and wiring to support these beauties.  Well join me today as I share a few pictures.

Making Your Own What a Way to Go


The following is a list of things I try to keep on hand in the cleaning pantry.  You can make any number of needed cleaning and personal hygiene products at any given time.