On the Road in South Carolina: Lenoir Country Store & Post Office

Lenoir Country Store  Post Office
Horatio, South Carolina

Last November Chuck and I took a ride to Horatio, South Carolina.  I had read about this store being one of the oldest in South Carolina and if some records are true the oldest in the nation.

Southern Traditions: Why Did My Grandmas Sweep Their Yards?

Photo left Granddaddy Walter, Aunt Fannie, Grandma Cora and her mother my Great Grandma Maggie. Photo right is of my Grandmother Goldie

Today's post came to mind from seeing a meme on Facebook with an elderly lady sweeping her yard. Yes, sweeping the yard was a common thing back in the day.  I as a child watched my grandmas and Aunt Fannie sweep their yards. I seem to remember them doing this especially hard on Saturdays. Back then chores had to be done and done well to get ready for Sunday.

Storage Solutions for Each Room of the House

Is Spring Cleaning on your mind?  I know it is!  You know we've had lots of home repairs going on here at Hibiscus House and they have made me see how many things I really don't need.  I've been purging for awhile and will post updates shortly.

Today I'd like to welcome Erin Holdgate from Zillow who has put together a few wonderful ideas to keep in mind while you are cleaning and organizing.

Storage Solutions for Each Room of the House
By Erin Holdgate

If your New Year's resolution is to live life more simply, decluttering your home is a great place to start. After you remove all the items you don’t use regularly, however, you may find yourself in need of extra storage — which you can create with a little rearranging.

Below are several examples of where and how to increase the storage capacity of your home.

Cherry Crunch Dessert

This recipe has been around for so long you probably already have it but just in case you don't I'll share.  I've come to find out that people in different sections of the country don't have some of what we think has been around so long everybody knows about it.  Sharing today this easy, quick, go to dessert when time is limited.  Not your from scratch recipe which is always best but a great substitute!

Recent Sights Around Hibiscus House

Work in progress

Today I'll share a variety of pictures taken with the recent painting of the home.  These guys were very good sports allowing me to take many pictures. Join me as I share a day in the life of painters and homeowner.



Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.

Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.
WWII fellow soldier in same unit as my Dad the 83rd Chemical Mortar Btn.