Oh my goodness who couldn't use a bit of fun with relaxing activity these days?  I know most of us could.  

Today I'm sharing mostly in pictures (trying not to yak on and on-.did I say that?).  This is going to be a fishing kayaking trip.

Join me as I share the trips...

CHICKEN TALK: How Many Are Hens?

That is the question when you have chicks that have no telltale signs.  Some breeds have signs that let you know if they are roosters or hens.  

I am no expert for sure at sexing chicks so it has been a little wait and see.  

I did keep checking their legs to see if they had that little spur up on the back of the leg that seems to become a rooster.  I know that isn't foolproof but around here it has shown them to be roosters.

If our history of chicken keeping tells us anything it is that if we have 6 chickens the odds are at least 4 will start crowing prancing around and fighting.  Yes, it isn't good to have too many roosters in the chicken yard.

It has been months and finally, we have an answer!  You know the answer lets us know just how many eggs we will be getting and that is a good thing.

Goodbye Jimmie Ray

Jimmie Ray 

I am at a loss for words.  That happens so seldom but when the heart is involved it happens.  It seems unbelievable when someone you care for dies.  Disbelief and shock set in and then reality hits you.  A sudden unexpected loss seems to be the hardest.

Please be in prayer for his wife Susie, his mother Neta his children, grandchildren his brother sisters the entire family.  They need the strength to carry on.  He will be missed.  These are hard times for sure.

Rest in peace my brother from another father and mother.  We love you! I thought we'd have more time but that wasn't meant to be. We will miss that smile that could light up a room the laughter and the kindness.  

Jimmy loved his horses, the outdoors, and traveling!  You can see his horses in this post: 

You can see and actually hear from him with his herd dog in this post:

What a joyous greeting you must have received from your loved ones already there. I can only imagine.

We'll see you later Jimmie!

May God bless and keep your family

Memorial Service was held February 6, 2021

Hand Painted Canvas Ornaments by Gaye Ham

I've enjoyed sharing Gaye's work with you. This is the last  of the Christmas gifts and ornaments we have here.  They really made our Christmas tree so festive.

Today I'm sharing them in a quick picture post.  Please be aware the ornaments are much prettier than my pictures convey.  I am still getting used to my new camera!.

Pay particular attention to the very last one because Gaye really captured the year 2020.  You'll see!

Sweet & Sour Chicken Art by Gaye Ham

Today's post is about another beautiful piece of artwork done by Gaye Ham that was given to me by Catie.  She knows I own chickens and love raising them.  This as the other print is a very good addition to our home. It will be good to have them framed and hanging one day soon (along with many others I want to hang).

It's always a blessing to enjoy the pretty creations talented people make. See this beauty in its wonderful bright and happy colors....

Gift of Art

Both my girls always give me way too many gifts for Christmas. They both seem to know instinctively just what to buy!

Catie gave me two beautiful prints that she knew I'd like.  She is friends with Gaye.  She and I went to school together.  

Gaye is a beautiful lady inside and out.  She just beams and can light up the room with her smile.  She is also a very talented artist. 

Today I'm sharing one of the prints called Strawberries 'n Cream  If you know me at all you know I love strawberries. I am called the Strawberry Lady after all! 

Let's take a close-up look at this print...

PRODUCT REVIEW: Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Utensil Set

Hi Friends

I think by now you know that I absolutely love using the Joseph Joseph line of products.  This product is one more to add to the long list of likes!

The Elevate Utensil Set gets lots of use in this home that's for sure. As an avid cook it makes things go a lot quicker if you can get your hands onto an item quickly.

You know I like to cook and have for many years.  My mama Dot had me standing in a chair to stir a pot and wash a dish before I was tall enough to reach the stove or sink.

Hibiscus House is a downsized version of a former home I loved and with downsizing comes adjusting.

Being able to organize declutter and make the best use for the small space means quicker and more pleasant use of items.

Frugal I thought I Was!

I thought I was one of the most frugal people around, but have come to realize maybe I'm not. 

I believe if I was a billionaire I would still be somewhat frugal and not a spendthrift. Who knows I could be wrong about that as well. 

Do you keep a budget and actually stick to it?

This morning while having my coffee it hit me I wonder how much we have spent on food the past year.  Let me tell y'all the total floored me!

That led to an accounting of the household expenses which made me gasp in shock!

Today I'm thinking of a plan to become more frugal.  I've done it in the past will do it again.

New Stove!


You may say what's the big deal about a new stove.  Well, I'll tell you when you've been without one for over three months and you're an avid cook it is a big announcement!  

I purchased online 'sight unseen' and that is a first for me ever!  Lots of research and then it just boiled down to what could be delivered within a year.  Yes, I said that a year!  We are in the middle of a pandemic and things are far from normal.  Businesses are having to adjust just like we are.  

A Childlike Christmas For 2020


Recently I spoke about how I basically did nothing this year in the form of decorating.  John supplied the greenery, my girls supplied some cute things and we put them up in a short time.  I call this a Childlike Christmas!

Happy New Year and The Most Liked Posts Of 2020!

 Hey Y'all

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2020 Good Things or Bad It Was a Year to Remember

Today Sharing The Top Ten Posts of 2020

I Am Listing From The Top Down Appropriate For 2020 



Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.

Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.
WWII fellow soldier in same unit as my Dad the 83rd Chemical Mortar Btn.