Another Snow Day In South Carolina!

Look what we saw when we woke up this morning! It's rare to see one snow a year but two that is extremely rare.  This makes the second weekend in a row it has snowed here and it is beautiful.

I guess my children will get a chance for more snow cream!  Do you like snow cream?  Some have never had it before they tell us.

It is melting already and wetter than the last snow I think.  I didn't venture out in it today. I may yet!

Sharing a few early morning pictures.  We've certainly to my recollection never had back-to-back snow like this.  Fun times.

2022 Snow Day!

How about that?

We were all thrilled to see the most beautiful snow that fell here in the South

Which is such a rare occurrence it is celebrated by all!

Today I'm sharing a few very serene photographs taken in my quick walk around the yard.

Just when you get almost asleep I'll wake you up with a few fun pics and videos!

The Box Garden (Where are the Boxtrolls?) and It's Snowing Y'all!


I don't think new tender rose bushes can take ice and snow

 Chuck reminded me of all the delivery boxes he was going to take to recycle

Stroke of genius, 

I had forgotten that I used to use cardboard to protect plants in the past 

When expecting extreme weather.

While I was covering my newest roses I couldn't help but think of a cute movie. 

'The Boxtrolls' the grandsons and I went to see a few years back.

Last week we were expecting sleet ice and snow the first time I covered them

We didn't get the snow and thankfully no ice so I uncovered them.

Yesterday I covered them again  because here in South Carolina  

We're actually expecting SNOW!

I Am Not A Cold Weather Person


Are you a winter cold weather type of person?

I am happy for you if you are, but I definitely am not!

I tend to hibernate like a big ole bear this time of year.

The Year 2021 Summed Up In Posts


Beautiful first blooms of the season 

I thought I'd do something a little different this year and add these selections that friends enjoyed.  Posts published in 2021 only.

You have to admit the year was I'll just say different in many aspects.  Holding on to and enjoying certain things made for some normalcy.

What I found was that people enjoyed gardening, family was more important than ever, entertainment.  People still are very patriotic, they have a love for our country still.  Faith, hope, love, and kindness are what we all need more of for the new year.

Join me today as we finish out 2021 and dive into this new year 2022!

The Most Viewed Posts of 2021 Always A Surprise!

 credit  photo itself without edits

The numbers say it all and are taken from the highest viewed posts of 2021 which include many published in past years.  Oldies but always goodies!

There are a few that are exceedingly viewed yearly!  2021 was a little different in that I've seen more of you raising backyard chickens.  You're gardening lots more evidently and being at home more has led to cooking more as well!  The recipes have really shot up in the number of views.

It is a sentimental journey and I love it!  Thank you so much all of my fellow friends and readers!

Come on let's see the results in the countdown.