Apr 17, 2017

Big Batch Laundry Soap Update!

Today's post is full of tips, measurements, costs, amount of uses per mixture etc.  Looking for an easier way to make Big Batch Laundry Soap?  Join me won't you.

I did decide that it was becoming quite a chore to grate and chop the soap while making the laundry mixtures.  It seems I do everything in excess, like stocking up supplies, groceries, you name it!  So it makes sense to me to grate and chop on a special day and then when you are running low on your laundry soaps just mix them!


Easy Directions

You will need  two big buckets, a face mask, rubber gloves, and a large long handled spoon for mixing your laundry soap. The ingredients listed below will be needed as well.

Measure and add to one bucket the following:

  • Take a large long handled spoon and stir mixing well.  You will have a huge amount so do the best you can.  While stirring take your fingers and break apart any lumps that may be in your mixture.
  • Pour into the other bucket and stir well there
  • Do this 3 or 4 times to mix well.
  • Store in lidded container
  • This mixture works well in cold, warm or hot water wash.
  • Use: 1-2 tablespoons for HE machines. **see note below**
  • TIP ~ Make a batch without the Oxi-Clean for dark loads to prevent fading

That's all there is too it!  
You won't feel overwhelmed, your sinuses will thank you as well!

Use more if needed in other machines. 
Note**You may use more with other types of machines.  I personally have to use more in my laundry for excellent cleaning results. I use anywhere between 1/4 - 1/2 cup. I have the older washer type not the HE so it works fine.  Our water is a little on the hard side so I sometimes use twice that amount.**

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Read more Tips & Information below....

Jars with lids for easy use
bags of grated/chopped soap on right (middle shelf)
bags of laundry soap mixtures on left (middle shelf)
Mixing new batch of  Big Batch Laundry Soap

My Approximate Measurements used in the above Laundry Soap Mixture:

9.5 cups Borax
6.88 cups Super Washing Soda
5 cups prepared grated/chopped soap
4 cups Baking Soda
3 cups Oxi-Clean ***I make some with this and a batch without for the dark laundry***
2 1/4 cups for 18 oz. Laundry Scent Booster

2 Tablespoons  = 1/8 cup in measurement
Uses per mixture:  254.04 (1/8 cup).
Cost per entire mixture: $22.84
Cost per use:  $ 0.09 per load

Mixing ans storing laundry soap in my grandma's old lard bucket!

  1. Take an afternoon to just grate and finely chop some of your laundry soaps. The reasoning behind the finely chopping afterwards is to make for better melting of your laundry soap even in cold water.  Sometimes if the soap pieces are large they won't dissolve enough and will be left in wash.  I don't want that and neither do you.
  2. Wear a face mask because the soaps can wreak havoc with your sinuses.
  3. You will need a good strong food processor with grating and chopping blades for best results. You can of course use a hand grater but be prepared for a long strenuous day of grating and chopping.
  4. Store the soap in an airtight container or two freezer bags.  If you are a bulk saver like me the bags work better and store flat for more storage.
  5. Important tip:  Soaps harden with time. Grate some up now even if you store for later use. It may cling or clump a little in the container or bag but it is easier to break the little pieces apart than to take the rock hard bar of soap and chop. Believe me when a bar of soap feels like you are grating and chopping a piece of granite then you've saved it way too long for this.
  6. Read this post about laundry soaps.
  7. One important tip!  Use your Borax and Washing Soda and Baking Soda pretty quickly for easier use.  These have a tendency to harden quickly and become lumpy.  You can store them for awhile but don't stock up so much until you won't get to it for a year or so.  Ask me how I know?  You know bulk buyer knows! It takes away from the fun of mixing if you have to stop and take a big block shaped like the box it came in and chisel or chop it for use!  
  8. It is easy enough to store the entire ready to use mixture for later use anyway.
  9. The way mine grate up different soaps have different measurements.  Examples: Ivory, Fels Naptha, Castile or similar size soaps give me 1 cup grated/chopped per bar. While a larger bar soap like LIRIO or Zote have an approximate grated/chopped measurement for me of 1 1/2 cups per bar.


It is a great idea when you find some ingredients you might need for making your laundry soaps on sale to buy in bulk!  I've noticed recently that some of the soaps have gone up in price.  A word of advice buy the number that you can store easily. It isn't fun to have to walk over boxes of borax etc.  Take it from me I know! 😁
  1. Laundry Ingredient Supplies you will need can be found listed in a post Here.
  2. Soaps for Homemade Laundry Mixes Here


  1. Seems when I use home made soaps for laundy my pipes get clogged and after too many times I have stopped ,no more problems. Just saying something in this recipe hardens and it come out like white cement so be watchfull

    1. Hi Jan, I've had no problems and have had it sitting for 6 months at a time. I grate mine thoroughly and it is just like any powdered detergent. I also have been using for three years but I'll be watchful.