Why The Nativity?


This is an excellent Docudrama released three days ago!

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and you will too.

Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Week

A few posts from the archives here for some cooking this week!

We Have A New Refrigerator! The Old One Is Jealous Of The New Opal Sonic Type Ice Maker!

Check out this video a cousin shared with me the other day!  

What a great refrigerator for 1956!  Heck, I'd buy one now if I could find one!  Isn't it so cool?  I think so!

I found a great GE Opal ice maker the other day on sale at Amazon.  You may remember that the ice maker in the Electrolux never really worked. Lazy me was getting tired of making ice. I knew it had to be a new addition to our home! The kids love this type of ice too!

The Opal ice maker is EXCELLENT!  We love it!  Finally, I can put away the old ice trays. Yay! 

Wouldn't you know as soon as we plugged in the new ice maker! I kid you not at the exact moment I plugged in the Opal do you wanna know what happened?

This Little Cabin Is Always So Cute!


I really like this little cabin.  It has so much character, no matter the season.  It almost decorates itself for all. The marigolds are still blooming!  Plant seeds friends you'll have many more blooms for the bucks!  The pumpkin was given to me by my daughter and it makes a stand-alone statement!

Sharing the beautiful fall colors in a simple way.

Country Home Thoughts Memories and Traditions in the South

Imagine what life was like in this home

This little house reminds me of one that Grandma and Granddaddy lived in. Some of the walls were covered in newspapers as wallpaper.  We would stand and read the articles.

We never know just what memories our children and grandchildren will have of us. Let's hope we make the most of our time together so they will enjoy looking back on these times.

Today's post is about simple times memories and traditions in South Carolina.

Drilling a New Well

I'm so excited to get this well and pump in! Let me introduce you to Miller's Well Drilling. We met them and more of their family when we were building Hibiscus House.  They installed the first well here on the property, which by the way is still being used.  

You know that I garden a lot and have many chickens that need water.  Plus, you never know when you may want or need a water source that isn't powered by electricity. 

I thought at first I would put a well closer to the chicken yard but have since changed my mind. I chose a spot between the house, gardens, and the chicken yard. That will give us a source close to all.

Today I'm sharing the drilling of another well.