In The Kitchen & Garden Tips

When in the heck am I not in the kitchen? Hmm, I'm pondering that now. I love to cook. It's an inherited love as I've watched my mother and grandmothers before her.

There comes a time even when you really like doing something that it becomes a JOB!  We can't have that now, can we?  WELL, can we?  Today's topic taking the time to GET out of the Kitchen!

Steamed Cabbage: Simple Beginner Recipe

Cabbage is one of the most understated vegetables around.  It seems we take it for granted.  They're readily available all year!  Did you know that cabbage is very healthy for you? Well, it is.  Today's post is about cooking cabbage.

What The Heck Is Pantry Porn?

A friend shared a news article on the subject.  I've been busy this is the first I'd heard of this lunacy

Time To Plant Potatoes Now In Our Area!

Granddaddy Goodson

Today's post is about planting potatoes.

The Gardening Itch

 Modern Pioneer  photo credit

The other day I ran across this picture and it brought to mind my great grandparent's garden. Isn't it simple yet beautiful?  Today's post is about vegetable gardening!  I can't wait to get my hands into the soil!