I was so tickled to have a hen suddenly become broody.  It's so rare to have one that does that now.  The trait seems to have been bred out of most hens. 

When you have a hen that still wants to become a mother and you need to replenish with new chicks you take advantage of the situation. It's so convenient to have a hen that wants to sit on the eggs, hatch, and care for the chicks.  Much better than having to incubate the fertilized eggs yourself.

A good hen will only have two or three good years of egg laying and then it tends to slack up a lot before stopping altogether. So you have to plan and prepare for future egg layers.

Today I'm sharing a few pictures of the little one.

Drying Basil and Other Delicate Herbs in the Microwave

I've grown herbs for a number of years now. They make your meals so much more flavorful, don't they?  Have you priced them lately?  That in itself makes it worth your while growing them.  They only take a small spot to grow a sunny window or patio is all you'll need. They smell wonderful too!

I had some basil hanging which only needed a short time longer to be completely dry. The leaves were dropping like crazy.  I almost scooped them up and trashed them while cleaning up. Luckily I caught myself in time to save them.

I ran across some information on Food Network and thought Oh yeah! A fast way to get rid of this mess and save the herbs.

Today's post is about drying delicate herbs in the microwave!


Joseph Bjork contacted me on behalf of him and his wife Aubrey. They are the husband-and-wife team who run Good and Basic Manufacturing. This design team 3-D Print and Sell Products. He asked if we would be willing to do a product review on one of their products a 3-D Spinning Wheel with accessories.

I have to admit the thought of spinning wool was very intriguing! We have a friend who has a wonderful sheep farm and spins.  We love her work.  

I explained to him that we had no experience in spinning wool but would love to learn. We accepted his offer.  Today's post is a review of their 3-D Spinning Wheel.

Finding Simple Ways To Save Money


These days of inflation make saving money more difficult and that is a fact. Do you find yourself counting your money? 

Is this a subject you've thought about?  I've always tried to save money by doing all I can on my own to accomplish that.  Lately, I've been thinking about slacking up on some of that hard work. Was going to relax more and enjoy retirement. Some of that is on the back burner for now. 

Don't give up we need to put on our thinking caps! Our economy may call for even more self-work (*note* new post thought maybe I need to figure out a new way to accomplish this without working so hard.) We can do it and we will have fun along the way.  

When you get older change is something that sometimes throws you for a loop.  The trick is not to let it throw you too far. Think, plan, conquer!  "After all tomorrow is another day!"

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on saving. Simple maybe even downright frugal ways to save without suffering too much I hope.  😊

Summer Fun

These summer days fly away so quickly!  It has been a hot one for sure!  I love it when I get to see these guys!  You know I love to enjoy every minute!  

Today's simple 'Mimi's Brag Book' post in pictures. 


I've been working so hard I've neglected blogging.  I'll be making up for lost time with a few gardening posts.  They tend to refresh my memory when the next growing season comes.  I hope you enjoy them.

I harvested the onions on June 4th of this year.  It is such fun to grow and then pull these beauties up.  I'm glad that Paul Nelson gave me a source to find a great sweet onion.  We've been enjoying them for a month now!  I can tell you they are delicious tiny green and larger dried.  Talking onions today!