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Monday, December 2, 2019

I Need to Decorate & Dreaming of a White Christmas!


I really like the old blue/black truck with wreath. It reminds me of one my father in law had and daddy's blue Ford truck. His wasn't this old but still brings back memories.

I like the kind of snow we get here in the South.  You know it comes is so unusual, we enjoy, and as soon as it lands it melts away.  Well, I like it when it stays a day or two anyway, giving enough time for play and snow cream!  Do you like the snow?  We have many friends that are at present being covered in snow, so maybe they aren't enjoying so much.

Christmas decorating and snow talk today.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

How About Dressing or Stuffing Balls?

I've found that if you live in the South it is called Dressing, from the North it is called Stuffing, and a few still call it Filling. Some I'm just finding out make Dressing or Stuffing Balls!  How cool is that?  No matter what we call it, isn't it delicious?  Yes it is!  We love it here.

Let's talk dressing or stuffing in the bird, in the pan, or shaped into balls......

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Lisa's Turkey Dressing Recipe and More!

  Lisa of Life Away From The Office Chair put her special recipe into a personal cookbook that she made a few years ago. 
  She has graciously agreed to share a family favorite, Turkey Dressing recipe that was handed down from her mother in law.  They top it off with lots of Giblet Gravy!
  They enjoy this at Thanksgiving and Christmas! Aren't those always the best?  I think these are the things that stay in our memories and all of the family keeps close to their heart!

   Now for the recipe....

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