Simple Living How Hard Can It Be  I so enjoyed doing this post!

Lifestyle Choices and Saving Money Shared a lot in this one, (possibly too much) but hopefully some will be of help.

My Household Saving Tips For Saving Money  Yes, I got long-winded but take it from me years of experience can help someone new to these things.  Hey, it might even help someone experienced in these areas. I hope so.

Making Your Own What A Way To Go Miscellaneous posts on the subject

Household Saving Tips For Cleaning The Home  A compilation of many helpful tips and ideas

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  1. I will read every one of these suggestions. I can't believe the prices recently! I firmly believe it's corporate greed--they know we will pay their price so they keep raising them claiming it's not their fault. And we know that once prices have risen, they never go down. Yesterday I passed a gas station and the posted price was $3.79 - 15 minutes later it had gone up to $3.89. Why? Our Florida Publix has only California peaches. Why? Transportation adds alot to the cost. And I wonder that if drug companies stopped their expensive TV advertising, if price of meds would go down. - OK rant over - Your posts are very timely and thank you for sharing.