Jan 29, 2024

Make Your Own: Beverages and Save $

Make yours at home the $avings will add up very quickly! I don't purchase coffee or tea out, the cost is ridiculous. One exception is when traveling sometimes eating and drinking at fast food stops. I then buy the iced tea. If you love them and don't mind spending for them by all means 'Go For It'.  

If you are watching your budget something any of us should do in this economy then you may think about it twice. You may buy coffee beans or ground for use at home.
Sharing what we do in our household today.  It does save a great deal of money in the short run actually.


Coffee:  My findings over time are these.  For years I was so stupid!  I made a pot of coffee just out of habit. I then reduced the cup size in the drip coffeemaker. 

I finally found that Keurig is the way to go for me.  I drink so little it saves lots of waste and money. 

Pods are expensive you say?  Price check every time you need to buy!  Also, use a little time and Make Your Own Pods. That saves money and lessens landfill waste. 

A post done last year explains a lot of what may interest you. Here

Chuck is a retired police officer so you know we have coffee in this household.  He especially loves Krispy Kreme Coffee.  He still uses his electric percolator and probably drinks way too much coffee but thankfully it's now half-caf.  He mixes together the Classic and Decaf so he can make his pot of coffee daily.  

I use the ground to make my pods for my Keurig. A much more economical way to drink the coffee. Sometimes I splurge and buy the pods when they go on sale! Sometimes we need to treat ourselves. Right?   

Be sure to check the prices of the ground and pods because there are times when you can get the pods at a very reasonable price.  Stock up when you do. I recently found some at Amazon The Krispy Kreme Store at a fair price.  Don't get me wrong I still buy the ground and make my pods much cheaper that way.  


Lipton Tea  credit    Sam's Club Good price credit     Peach Tea  credit

I love Peach tea so I  use the single Lipton tea bags 6 of them and one double bag of Peach tea as shown above for me.  

Chuck makes his Decaf tea with Luzianne which we find at Sam's Club for a great price!  Remember shop around for the best prices and you could save a lot of $$$.

Cooking Tea in the Microwave for Iced Tea

Note my microwave is 1000 watts on high

I have a few older versions of Pampered Chef microwave cookers I use to cook my tea in from time to time.

To Cook Tea In the Microwave
  • Fill a microwave-safe dish with a lid 3/4 full of water.  Add the amount of tea bags you use for the size you are making. Close the lid and cook on high for 8 minutes leave in the microwave for 5 minutes or so to steep.  

  • Remove after steeping and add to your tea pitcher with sugar (if you use it) and stir well to dissolve.  Gently mash your tea bags to remove the water adding to the pitcher.  Add extra water to the pitcher if needed stir well. Refrigerate and enjoy!  
Add a lemon wedge and some ice enjoy!

To Cook Tea On the Stovetop

  • Fill any size pot you like, my grandmother used a small pot it really doesn't matter because you will add water to fill the size pitcher and it won't matter. Remember to give it enough room at the top to start boiling.  You don't want a boilover.

  • Bring the water to a boil, add your tea bags, bring it up to a boil turn off the stove, and put the lid on the pot to steep. Steep for at least 5 minutes.

  • Put sugar in a pitcher, Pour the hot tea water into the pitcher. Gently mash the tea bags be careful not to make them burst and pour the tea water into the pitcher.  

  • Stir well to dissolve the sugar. Add fresh cold water to fill the pitcher.
Chill and serve.


  1. We have a Mr Coffee. I drink a small cup with breakfast, take a large cup to work and whats left over, I put in the fridge and make an ice coffee in the afternoons. All decaf.
    We also have a Kerig sitting beside the Coffee maker. We rarely us it but when we do, We have the refillable pods.

    1. Hi Lisa! I love your idea of making ice coffee! You don't waste a thing!