I love the critters, as I call them, that come up into our yard.
I especially love the ones that live here.

We've had coyotes playing on our front porch at night
Yeah, I wish we'd gotten some pics of that one for sure.

I saw an Otter going across the side yard one afternoon!
Yes, I said an otter.
I couldn't believe that one!

There was a time that I had a bobcat for a pet.
Well you might say that
He slept in my garden cabin, until I ran him out of there.
He would visit every morning to see if he could eat a chicken.
He would wait for me to walk up to him and shoo him off.
He would rub against my leg
That was a little creepy.
One day he just quit coming around.

We had two Dingo's out in the front of the house a few mornings!

I can't keep a strawberry in the patch for the birds and the groundhogs.

I love the wildlife out here!
I really do....
Enjoy our family of backyard pets.

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