May 17, 2021

Early Spring Strawberry Patch And The Dog That Loves It!


Ahh, finally a strawberry patch that has survived a year in this location!  But wait this one loves to pick and eat the crop daily!  What in the world?  I guess he figured he helped Catie and me plant them they are part his too.  His part must be the entire crop!  Who knows?

Today posting early April strawberries!

Standing guard also waiting for me to leave so he can grab some berries in the patch!

Photos were taken on March 20, 2021, the second day of Spring!

Tribute is the name of these plants in this bed you can find some here now. In the early Spring, you can purchase bare-root a much more affordable way to plant and enjoy!  While you're at Stark's you can read all about this variety to see if you would enjoy it.  Check to see if they can be grown in your planting zone.

Look at that berry thief!  🤣
I am waiting on a shipment of plants to put in the two back raised-planters.

Frost Protection

I had to frost protect a few nights into the days in early April. Those were late frosts and a little unusual.  I used what I had and that was a tarp.  I watered them first to help protect the small blooms and berries.  Did you know that heavy frosts can harm young new growth and blooms up to 7 feet high?  I hadn't thought about that but knew there would be damage.  As it was the berry plants suffered very little with this protection.

I love seeing the first pretty strawberries

Nothing prettier!

Most of the blooms and berries survived the hard late frosts we had here!
It that tiny yellow center had turned black and the leaves damaged and fallen off 
These berries wouldn't be here. 

These first little beauties were fun to pick
An added plus with homegrown is if they are a little green
Don't worry they will indeed ripen 
They aren't sprayed with chemicals
That retard ripening so they're healthier too!

They get larger in time
Sweeter than purchased berries
In fact, they are so sweet you won't miss the whipped cream and shortcake you may not have on hand!
You know they're healthier because you've grown them!

This variety Tribute we love here.  I recently had the grands and the Lil One stayed in the patch.  He told me he wants to be a farmer!  Sounds good to me!

The next Strawberry post will be when they got a little bigger!  It is amazing how quickly they grow.

The New Strawberry Patch Posts

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Early Spring Strawberry Patch and The Dog That Loves It! May 17, 2021, Post 

I've purchased this variety for the home garden numerous times.  It bears well and tastes delicious!  The wildlife loves them too so they have to be watched protected.

You may remember the groundhog rabbit moles or voles loved them as well and wiped out my larger patch a few years back. You can read more about the old patch below.  Sometimes I feel like we are living on Little House on the Prairie. Looking through these posts lets me see the hard work in trying to grow some things around here so close to the woods and swamp.  Now with the new patch, I have one berry-loving Bassett Hound that is my newest predator/helper! 😄

The Old Strawberry Patch Posts

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I hope you've enjoyed the berry patch update!

Strawberries are something that can be easily grown in containers 
Grow some delicious fruit and you'll be glad you did!



  1. I would love to have a strawberry patch. I have trouble with critters eating everything I try to grow.
    I would love to do some strawberries in a pot on the patio. Think that would work? Is it to late to try?

    1. Sorry I'm just now seeing so many comments. You sure can put strawberries in a pot on the patio. I'd do it even now if you can find the plants. I just purchased some this past week from It's not to late.