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There are some things that we as southerners treasure and they are our Lord, our family, our friends, our history and our land. What goes on with each is very near and dear to our hearts.  We have true bonds with each.


When we were building Hibiscus House I would come out almost daily to see the progress and became so excited!  I could just imagine the things we would do, the people we would have over, and the wonderful food that would be enjoyed under the roof of this home.  That would also include the porch sitting, the conversations shared while having sweet tea and eating a wonderful sweet treat as well!

I remember going to work and hearing the song by Alan Jackson "Where I Come From".  So much so that I must place a video below.  I could not wait to cook in our new home and sit on our porch!

Oh, I am not a die-hard country music fan but it is a family tradition for sure.  I remember my grandma Cora cooking in the kitchen on her wood stove and grandpa Goodson playing country music.  It is a part of our family tradition.  I, however, love most music.  (no I don't favor rap at all, sorry but most music I love).

I fear that traditional southern traditions are slowing becoming a thing of the past.  The strong traditions we hold dear.  I certainly hope not and believe that these things need to be shared for future generations.

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Ebenezer 242 Birthday from Ebenezer BC on Vimeo.

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