Mar 24, 2019

What? Retro, Dating Fictional or Not? Short Story.

Chuck and I just had an anniversary.  We actually remembered this one!  Yes, I'll admit it, there have been times in our lives when others, their problems and care, have contributed to our forgetting our own anniversary!  

A wedding anniversary makes one think about the years, the time you met, what attracted you to them etc.

Today's topic: Dating, Choosing your mate, hopefully for life and who would you choose?

*I warn you this post is long, I have been in the house too long so much pollen outside and allergies are horrible. Having fun inside while doing nothing. Maybe too much allergy medicine?*

This pic above made me think of the times when I had a new date coming over.  Daddy would either have the gun in full sight, be cleaning the gun, or at least tell this new young man all about his WWII experiences.  Oh yes, by the time he would be invited to take a seat he would know all about the guns in the house, and how he'd better treat his daughter.  All of this would be unspoken, all he had to do was give them a certain look, but it was well known before I was allowed to go off on any date.

If any young man, even thought he could pull into your yard without getting out to come and get you, he would find out different in a hurry!  If by chance this young man had a screw loose, and thought he could just sit in the yard and honk he may have very well put his life in danger! (not really), But he'd better watch out somebody would send him off in a hurry!  He would have to come in meet the family and escort me out to the car.  The car door better be opened by him as well. What would happen if it wasn't?  I would stand in spot and wave bye bye!

The Subject of Cars

You know we girls always said in younger days, "What kind of car does he drive?"  Being from this area of the south it could be and most of the time was one of their parents for the date.  Theirs would have been a used car, maybe even a sports car.  If we at our time found out he drove a pickup truck, OH no that was just not what we wanted to ride in!  

I grew up in the seventies so if someone came up in our yard in a van such as this or covered in flower power, I would not be allowed to go.  Frankly I would have been afraid to be in one at that time myself.  A van, Heavens no!  Too much could happen in a van!

The parents finally let you go off with a young man, you're all set and ready for a date with him.  You can't wait to see what the two of you will do!  The excitement is building and then he says, " Hey do you have a couple of dollars?  I need to buy some gas."

I'll tell you this, he was made to turn around and take me back home!  No way was I putting gas in the vehicle for our date!  Was he out of his mind?  YES!  

If you found yourself in this situation: Between a rock and a hard place, you looked for a payphone. (in those days).

 They were everywhere in those days, we didn't have cell phones.  Can you imagine?  Well those were available and you made sure you had a dime or quarter to make the call home in your purse before you left home to make the call.  Come get me I'm not going to go on this date!

This picture is self explanatory, but you, know that I pity the fool fool that would drive a truck up in the yard with a sign on it like this!  No way, never, ever go off with a boy/man that thinks like this!  You know that you'd be in an apron full time for sure with this thinking! (not that I'm not anyway!) 

On The Subject of Food

If by chance your date calls and says to you, "Hey, be sure to eat before we go.  My mother is making me eat."
You then set off and before long he is pulling through a drive thru to eat! You're thinking, you said that you were already eating. Hum.  You might consider that your date is the cheapest young man alive!  You'd be right!  He eats and you've already eaten so you don't.  Oh the nerve!!!!

On a rare occasion, if your parents knew the guy and his family and say you were bored and he was something to do a ways and means to go out, they liked his family anyway, you would go.  There is something oddly cool about him as it is.

Oh, alright so who knew this young man, they thought so highly of drove you to the lake/pond etc and wanted to park!  All the while saying, "Do you want to see the beautiful lake and pond on our property?" 

Egads!  What's a girl to do?  Well, you say, "Let's get out and see your family's lake.  I like to walk." He responded, "It is raining, and you must be up a tree!" We weren't there long he was too disgusted with me making him walk in the rain. He became a fixture around the house.


You thought he was so cute, but all he wants to do is take you to some out of the way spot and take your picture!  What is that all about?

You meet another guy and go on a date, same thing, well maybe a little creepier.  What, can that even be possible?

You meet a different type and think, maybe he is the one?  Nope, he is too shall we say, all he does is mope and whine, dream or complain.  Who has the time?  What?  Not me.

You run into him years later and you think maybe?  No, he is still mopeing and dreaming, way too melancholy for you.

You go through lots of action packed guys, and then decide that you're tired of the constant holding your breathe while they stand on the edge of disaster.

This one actually takes the time to smell the flowers.  Or is that what he is doing?  I don't know, either way he moves at a slower pace. Too slow?  Maybe?  Is he is going to suck the rose petals up his nose?

Oh good gosh!  Enough with the flowers!  I'm moving on!...Too much is just too much! I'm moving on.

Could this be the one?  You decide pretty quickly he has the temperament of a wounded lion.  No, too much road rage in him.  The situation is just too tense.

This guy is relaxing to be around, and you enjoy a few times at the river watching and listening to him, then it hits you.  The light bulb moment and it is this:  His only aspiration in life is to sit by the river and play the bucket with his drumsticks.

Years later and he is still mopeing, dreaming, wallowing.  Sadly you say I will pray for you and then move on quickly....thinking, you feel sorry for him, but really dodged a bullet with that one.

There he is you've finally found him! Or so you think.  What do you find out and pretty quickly? What?  I'll tell you what, he can't and won't move without his mother's advice.  No, not normal motherly advice, He is just too connected and never will separate for even one minute.  Goodbye!

You are going to give up on men in general!  Yes, what is the use?  Then you see the tall, dark, and handsome one, so you say, " alright, I'll give it another shot."

Yeah right!  Go away!  Go Far Away!  Never Come Back!  Do you hear me?  What?  Dagnabbit!

You've given up on men, and then all of a sudden there is one who stops you in your tracks.  You are frozen in time, like a babbling idiot.  Sometimes, it happens that way you know.  All of your searching is over and you hope to live happily ever after!

I hope you've enjoyed my fictional post today
I sure have, and guess I need to slack up on the Benadryl
This post may contain a thing or two about both of the loves of my life.
I won't tell you which, but if you know them, you already know.
The rest is fictional....or is it????

Have a great week!

Happy Anniversary Chuck!

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