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Save Money not buying costly manufactured detergents and softeners
Plus not having to run to the store so often you save lots on gas,  Save Time
Prep and Make your ingredients Ready Always
You Will Be Glad You Did!

Laundry, what can I say about laundry?  We all have to do it in some way or another.  My first memories were of my mother washing clothes actually by hand on the earliest of days.  Then we, she and I would go outside to hang them on the clothesline of course.  Those were the days before many if any had an inside clothes dryer.  I was a toddler.  She told me over and over how I'd given her down the country about wetting her pants.  I guess she was potty training me at the time.  She said I whipped her saying I told you and told you not to wet your pants.  She was just hanging the clean laundry out and I was a mess I guess, feisty would be the word.

Do you enjoy doing laundry?  I certainly do, that is unless it builds up then it becomes a chore!  Think about it how hard can it be to put a load of clothes into the washer?  It give you free time to say, write a blog, drink a cup of coffee, talk with family or friends, any number of fun things.  Drying time fun time.  Oh no, they are dry, time to fold and put away.


Now, don't you feel like you've done a day's work?  How would you like to save money in the process?  These links below are to my time tested mixtures and I would certainly not stop making my own products.  Talk about money savings!  You can save literally hundreds of dollars over a years' time!  Great reason to Make Your Own!  Enjoy!

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