May 23, 2016

Homemade Big Batch Scented Laundry Soap

Monday, big laundry day around here so I'm sharing an old big batch mixture that was made a while back. This one is a little different in one way it is pulsed until powder thin and works well in all water temperatures.

Large Batch Mixture


3 to 5- cups Laundry Soap Grated (examples:  Fels Naptha, Castile, Zote, Lirio, Ivory Soap)
1- Box 55 oz.  Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
1- 4 Lb. Box 20 Mule Team Borax
4- cups Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
Optional 3- cups Oxi-Clean (optional for cleaning power)
Essential oils, Watkins extracts, (you decide how much and scents) Or 1 bottle Purchased Laundry Scent Booster. It is your choice
Bucket for mixing
Food Processor
Face mask for protection (hurts sinuses when working with these products)


Grate your soaps extremely well,
Making in small batches so some of each ingredient will fit into the food processor.
Add all ingredients,
Chop/Pulse together in food processor until powdered and mixed extremely well.

Add/Stir the Laundry Scent booster, OR Essential Oils and/or Watkins Extracts through the hole in the lid of processor while pulsing in batches.  *You will want this to be a fine powder.

Store in lidded container
Use 1/4 cup normal and 1/2 cup extra dirty laundry per load in regular machines
Use 1-2 Tablespoons HE machines.
Works well in cold, warm or hot temps

Hints*  This mixture will stick together if not used within a few months.  You can take a spoon or butter knife and loosen it up again if needed.

I do like to add at least 1 cup of Castile Soap because it smells good and is gentler to add with the stronger soaps. You can learn more about laundry soaps here because Lirio colors clean in different ways.

TIP if you use the Oxi-Clean in all dark loads over time it will fade them.  I have found this to be true in my own laundry.  Always make some laundry soap without the Oxi-Clean products to be ued in dark loads most of the time.

Helpful* A good tip is to set aside a day to grate soaps with face mask on. Do this when fresh and the soaps will be softer and easier to handle.  Store in strong zip lock bags and store in a dry place until using.
Convenient then all you do is add your other ingredients and your soap/detergent is ready for use at any given time.

After filling my container for use I store the remainder in freezer bags.  Label and store lying the bags flat for easier use later.  When needed just pour into your container.


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