May 20, 2016

Monteleone by Noritake

This simple yet elegant fine china has been my favorite for many years. My friend Nancy and I chose the same pattern for our wedding gifts.  She had the most wonderful aunt who took us under her wing and helped us choose our patterns.  Aunt Hattie Ruth was her name and she worked in the fine gifts and china shop. We had such fun!  Today I'm showing this pattern 'Monteleone' by Noritake.

A few pieces to show the details and soft colors of ivory, soft blue and dark green with platinum rims.

I sharpened the picture so that you could see the fine details.  This pattern is so 'demure' with such beauty that is understated.  The three flowers in the center of the urns are raised and you can feel that with the touch. Silently accented but so beautiful.  

The coffee pot with lid are in the center sugar dish to left and creamer to the right, large platter standing behind.  

Another shot to show better.  I adore the little bride and groom on the right.  I actually found this little piece at JC Penney while still working there.  It was clearance priced at $3.97 so I had to buy it.  
It is a NAO by LLADRO 'Just Married Figurine' or cake topper.  That was a steal at the time because these pieces sold for much more.  Now they can be found much more reasonable, although I haven't seen one for the price I paid years ago!  

NAO by LLADRO 'Just Married Figurine'
Replacements LTD here if you wish to purchase.

Gravy Boat and attached tray

It was a lucky day when I was able to find this round covered vegetable dish.  I have over the years gotten some of the pieces from Replacements, LTD.  They are a great source for discontinued china, crystal and silver patterns.

The hydrangeas make the perfect floral arrangement to go with this china pattern.

I like the dainty salt and pepper set

It is hard to believe that I received the first pieces of this china in 1972.  It has traveled with me through several homes.  Family can tell you that I have a weakness for china but this pattern has such sentimental value it isn't going anywhere.


  1. Very pretty Dolly! My china is solid white and boring. I have been considering selling it so that my husband and I can pick out our own pattern. This is a nice one.

    1. Hi Ginger Dawn,
      Ironically if today I were to choose a pattern and it was available I probably would not choose it. But having said that I do now have such a bond with it for sentimental reasons I find it beautiful. I have solid white in one of my too many patterns in my kitchen. You can't go wrong with white. Think of this in most food photography the food stands out because the background is white and it showcases the food! I would never be without at least one white pattern.
      I do see why you and your husband would want one for your very own though. So sweet. Thank you.

  2. Very pretty pattern. I had never heard of Noritake, and just last week my mom bought me a set of their plates and salad plates for the lake house. She got them at a garage sale and only paid $ 5.00 for the set. She was so excited because she said she looked them up on Ebay and they go for a pretty penny. :-)

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thank you! I'm so glad your mom found you a pattern and for $5 a set (I'm jealous)..not really but very happy! Tell her she did good! Happy Memorial Weekend!