Bragging on Catie

Happy Daddy's Day ...lots of stories memories of family

Picton Castle and A Little Family Research?  (thrown in with a recipe post)

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  1. Dolly, I'm not on Facebook, but was forwarded the Melvin Purvis segment from Cathryn Cox. We were classmates in Timmonsville High - graduation glass of 63'. I was viewing some of your different areas of interest and noted that your mom "Dot" is ill. It brought memories of my mama "Dot" and how close to her I was. Then I went on to read about your daddy "Carl". That also brought memories of my daddy "Carl". I haven't read everything you have on Facebook, and even though you were married in Timmonsville, I don't know if you're from there. But, if you are, I just found it unusual that we both had a "Dot" and "Carl" who brought us into this world. Again, I wish your mother well. Carlene Howell Kincaid - Ladson, SC