Bragging on Catie

Catie's Idea of Decorating

4th of July Fireworks

Goodbye Summer

Happy Veteran's Day

Honor Flight for Father-In-Law

Little Lion's Halloween

Ma Roger's Pie Safe

My Chuck

My Little Helper

One of my Hero's my Daddy Carl

Our New Little Miracle Alex

Prelude to Dot's Sour Cream Pound Cake

Simple Life

Simple Living

The Traveling Hoosier Cabinet

Uncle Jr

Valentines Day

Vacation 2011

We Are on a Mission in the Cotton Field

We Did It!

What is a Policeman?


  1. Dolly, I'm not on Facebook, but was forwarded the Melvin Purvis segment from Cathryn Cox. We were classmates in Timmonsville High - graduation glass of 63'. I was viewing some of your different areas of interest and noted that your mom "Dot" is ill. It brought memories of my mama "Dot" and how close to her I was. Then I went on to read about your daddy "Carl". That also brought memories of my daddy "Carl". I haven't read everything you have on Facebook, and even though you were married in Timmonsville, I don't know if you're from there. But, if you are, I just found it unusual that we both had a "Dot" and "Carl" who brought us into this world. Again, I wish your mother well. Carlene Howell Kincaid - Ladson, SC


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