Walking The Dirt Road

Maggie's House

Look Everybody ...Up in the sky!

It is Mickey Mouse's Hand!

Cooper come look at this

Here is another one

What is this?

more tracks

Fun Walk
Simple Things Are The Best!



  1. What a great, great walk along a dirt road. It is amazing all the little discoveries you can make there. I walked a lot of dirt roads when I was a kid- xo Diana

  2. Just wandered over to your little nest this morning. I never thought of Florida the way you have shown it.....not an alligator in site.

  3. Hi Karen, I am so glad you wandered over. I have to say though that this is not in Florida. I live in South Carolina. Please come visit anytime.

  4. I love taking this walk...and that must be a nice size deer to have that deep track! Enjoy your evening!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us over at the Homeacre Hop!
    Mary :)

  6. I agree simply things are the best, great pictures, visiting from the Farm blog hop.


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