Jun 27, 2016

Garden at Play

It was time to pull this bike out of the bike graveyard.  It wasn't worth repairing so either throw it away, or just use in this manner.  I chose to use it as a planter in this free growing flower garden. Take a peek at the little red wagon behind.  Chuck's little red wagon has seen better days as well but I just love it! I call this the  'Garden at Play'.  I started to call it 'Flowers! Get Your Flowers!

Brings to mind youngsters selling flowers at the road.  Once I do believe mama could had tanned our hides because we picked her flowers and started selling them.  People also asked us if we would sell the plants or bushes.  We did run in to ask mama if she wanted to sell them.  Oh, what a mistake that ended our day of making money selling her beautiful flowers!

Petunias, that used to be my nickname at school!

I chose to leave the bike in it's 'As Is' condition
I love the different materials, textures & colors!
It goes well with the aged garden cabin
I like it in this garden!

This garden has iris, vinca, daylilies, a yellow rose a few annuals 
Birds, Bees, Butterflies & Bunnies love it!

' Chuck's Little Red Wagon' in 'As Is' condition.
It is so cute full of flowers I love!
The recycled woven basket planter and flower pots get plenty of use.
See the textures and colors
I don't buy many annuals but for a quick pop of color they can't be beat!

I would take nothing for this bird feeder on the steel pole.
Mama gave it to me and of course I love it!
Look at the pretty textures here, even the bird feeder has moss growing on the roof.
The birds love it here.

The name of this daylily is 'Call to Worship' 
I thought this little girl with the book statue of Catie's would be great here.
'Call to Worship'

Another shot showing the beauty of this daylily & the adorable little girl statue.

What a Beauty!

Now, I'll share a few of the beautiful daylilies in this garden
Some old and some of the new ones from Loretta's Daylily Farm.

One bloom almost finished and more to follow!

Chuck's Favorite Daylily
A deep yellow single blooming variety with a gorgeous ruffled edge

These 'Old Faithful' Daylilies are always a winner

Look at this older daylily! 
Vibrant color
Sits in front of a yellow 'LadyBanks Climbing Rose'

How do you like this beauty?

A little variation in color going out for the day.

Beautiful colors together!
the one on the right is a 'Spider Bloom'
I see a little clover fixin' to bloom
I got that from mama as well!

This Double Ruffled Daylily is one of my new favorites!
It is a beauty!

Hazy late afternoon shot of garden

I thought I'd show you the before shot of this garden

Do you do this?  Take items you have on hand and use them for other purposes?
Of course you do and that means you are creative!

I know this was a long post but 'Wow' what Beauty!
You should see the number of pictures I've taken and left out of this post!
I may have to just share them later!

Don't discount the simple long living and thriving perennials such as daylilies!
Enjoy the Summer!


  1. Simply beautiful and fun! I loved seeing all the photos, lillies aren't in full swing yet here in the northeast


    1. Hi Diana,
      Thank you so much! I'll bet they are beautiful when they are in bloom!

  2. That is adorable, I especially love the bike and wagon

    1. Hi Kathy! I had the most fun playing with the stuff, guess I'll always be a kid at heart! Thank you!

  3. I have some guide wires coming down from electric poles that I want to put some daylilies in. Yours are so pretty. And the old one and little brighter one we call outhouse lilies here in KY.
    In the rural areas here you will find them around mail boxes and outhouses.
    I have done the samething with the wagon. It finally rusted out in the bottom. If I ever find another one I'm going to paint the inside with rustoleum. Still looking for an old bike.
    I'm trying to build a shade prayer garden now, The dirt is pitiful. Just don't entirely have it figured out yet. I'm going to have to find some vim and vigor to get it done for next spring. I would like to have some Tea/pray meetings there.
    Have a great day.

    1. Oh that is cute! I thank you for the good advice about the rustoleum. I would love to see your shade prayer garden! The Tea/Pray meetings sound wonderful! Have a great weekend!

  4. I do love to play in the garden. I get so many ideas and I look forward to creating many of these findings soon! I will start with an old rusty fire pit! Oh and I love the bike!!!!

    1. I'm laughing that is the result I wanted to get from it...I can't wait to see what you do with the fire pit! Thank you!!!

  5. wow - just gorgeous. Love the pops of color!

  6. I LOVE daylilies!!
    I have some yellow ones in my backyard and they come back with more every year.
    Your post inspired me and I'm going to plant some of different colors.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Neesie!
      I'll bet your yellows are just gorgeous! Sounds like they love it there multiplying like that! You'll be glad you did add more colors I'd love to see pictures of your garden! Thank you and blessings to you.

  7. Love daylillies, put them in and no worries except to occasionally divide them, my kind son flowers!