Jan 12, 2020

We Are On A Mission In The Cotton Field

The cotton was still in the field just before harvesting, and it was so pretty. The boys were with me and we had been cooped up inside for long enough. It was time for some outdoor fun!

On this particular day, we were drawn into the cotton field something just didn't look right. Some of the cotton plants appeared to have been trampled down. What caused this we didn't know, but we were going to find out.  It wasn't long before the boys saw footprints, animal tracks of some kind all over the place.

We were off on a mission! Join us on this journey in pictures.


This boy is a walking fountain of knowledge!
This past week he has been telling me of the Jeopardy challenge
He and his brother had been watching!
They can't wait to see the next one.

'Lil One'

This one is another brilliant child
I know I'm prejudiced, but it is true!
They were both carrying on a conversation about who they wanted to win on Jeopardy, and why!
They were stating facts left and right, so I said, "Boys, I expect to see you on the show one day!"

The cotton is really pretty!

They do have lots of fun too!
After discussing Jeopardy 
They then went on to tell me of Mandalorian and Baby Yoda
Then they painted pictures they drew of him

Excuse me please, I got off the subject of cotton and animal tracks, so here goes.

This is the topic of today!
Where did they come from and where were they going?

More tracks

Two eagle-eyed boys find more and more tracks

It is getting dark
So we are heading back close to the house

Even in the Fire Ant beds footprints of something.
I'll bet they didn't linger there!

Getting closer to home

What is this?

Getting a closer look

A big hole, wonder what did this?  Rabbits?

I love this tree a Popcorn Tree was what mama called it!
Chinese Tallow It is said to be invasive, but we've not had that problem here.
In fact, this was a rare one that sprouted up from mama's tree. I quickly took it and planted it here.
I do love the different stages this tree goes through and in the Spring I see lots of honey bees swarming around it.

I love the Fall/Winter colors now

Mama would be so proud because she always said, "Dolly you need to enjoy the Fall and Winter colors". You see I love Spring and Summer the greens, colors of blooms and everything popping up through the ground growing and producing. I do love the colors now that God gives us in every season!

The boys and I had a fun time today that's for sure!

There is something I've learned about little boys.  When you get them outside they love adventures.  Send them on a wild goose chase and they're all up for it!  I think maybe, just maybe they are born trackers and hunters!  

I forgot the answer to the question we had about the cotton being knocked down. We still don't know all the answers. It appears that large farm equipment made these tracks in this area, in other smaller spots the deer probably made those.  They do cross the driveway going into the woods quite a lot at dusk.  Other times they gracefully go across the back of the property and up to the swamp.  They are such beautiful, graceful animals.

I sure do enjoy my guys when they come and miss them when they go!
Such a joy they are!


  1. You grow cotton? How cool... I love spring and fall. You just can’t beat spring color..... we have bear. I’d take deer any day over that bear that likes our property

    1. Hi There!
      We lease the land out to a farmer that grows cotton, beans, and sometimes peanuts.  I'm learning to love the fall. You live in such a gorgeous spot in the country I know you enjoy the color.
      Bear! Oh my!  The deer are beautiful and I do so love to see them gracefully run.  We've never seen a bear out here. I don't know if we have any around but have seen them in other areas.
      Guess you do have to be wary with them around.