Jan 19, 2020

Thoughts On Retirement When Both Are Home!

What a beautiful picture!

Today's post is about taking the time to enjoy the time!  Yes, the time we are supposed to have when we stop working. Will you do it?  Do we do it? Sometimes, but if you ask me not near enough.

It has occurred to me that I too often post things to do!  Always things to do!  What is the matter with me?  I really need to slow down!  Who am I kidding?  Will I, that is doubtful.  Have I though since officially retiring?  Why come to think of it I have!

This post today isn't about my retiring only, have to include the husband retiring.  This is a retirement post for stay at home wives whose husbands retire. I won't say advice, because I'm not that good at that yet!

Join me as I think, laugh, want to cry, and just plain enjoy sharing our experiences.

I envisioned us bike riding! I went on a bike buying trip but hubby just wasn't interested.  So, I rode for a while then stopped.  That bike soon rusted and I threw a basket on it full of flowers!  It became the centerpiece for Garden at Play

I personally worked mostly part-time after having my first child.  It was too impossible for me to leave that beautiful baby home every day.  I left a job at a corporation and it wasn't too many years later had another beautiful baby. 

So I did the next best thing an opportunity came up for me to work from home and I did so for many years.  Then on to retail, working with an architect and a timber company.  

I had a great work-life that enabled me to work yet to be at home with the children. 

Deceased hubby worked with a company that sent him to other countries before returning home and working with a corporation and then in local government.

This hubby after serving in the army and in Vietnam began working in law enforcement.


One piece of advice I will give you if you are married to someone who was a first responder of any sort and it is this:  Be prepared when riding in a vehicle with them to always be first of all loaded for bear and to be always in a hot pursuit!  Yes, it is true!  

Hold on to your hats folks because you are in for the ride of your life!  It is not for the skittish!  I'm laughing, but it is true!

Also, you might want to be aware that you will hear of who needs a ticket on the roadway. I guess it is understandable when they've done that their entire life.

I will say, I am very proud of him for his years in law enforcement.  It is one of the most needed and most thankless underpaid jobs there is in the workforce. 

One Great Advantage to having a retired officer in the family is that you have built-in security at all times! Check out the post What is a Policeman?

The black television screen isn't something that I see often.  The thing runs nonstop since he retired.  He says to me, "You never sit down to watch tv with me".  Hmmm, yeah I can hear it throughout the house guns and bombs going off constantly!  Action-packed ALL THE TIME! 

Trouble is I have sat down with him at times, and am getting lazier with him being home.  It is hard to vacuum around someone watching tv a lot!  Keep that in mind.

I now know why there are Man Caves, and She Sheds!  I am thinking of turning my garden cabin into a She Shed.

Some guys when they retire, since they've worked their entire lives have a hard time finding things to do to relax. It has been a few years now and he still doesn't know what he wants to do.  Granted we are part-time caregivers for a relative with Alzheimer's Disease. Now that is a topic for not only a post but a book!

He loves the mountains
We should go!


That can be a blessing.  If you teach your hubby what you use in the household then that can be such a help.  

UNTIL...he decides that he would like for you to go with him, saying "We never do anything together, come with me."  No thanks!  I don't like Walmart..(sorry Walmart folks, but I've seen enough crazy people in my lifetime) I don't call that a date. 

Retirement is a learning experience for sure for both involved. It's not that you don't like it, after all, you've worked your entire life to do it!  But still, it takes some getting used to.

Little Blessings

Great things to look forward to like being there for the little grandchildren.  They can be one of the best things about retirement, such a joy they are!

I think we should do some of this ourselves
Learn from the little ones

We should take more time to do even the simplest of things like having a picnic together. Most men love to eat so stands to reason if you take the fried chicken outside in a basket they should follow you! (lol)

Alarm clock

Not having to hear an alarm clock every day is one of the best things for sure!  Sometimes I forget how to set it for some appointments, (just kidding)!  Be sure to enjoy that and don't take it for granted!

We are going to start making fun and maybe even go out on a limb and travel a bit.  That remains to be seen but either way, we are going to enjoy it!  Whether we like it or not!

Then one of the most treasured is time! Time is what you make of it on any given day retired or not.
Go out and make the best of it!  Or just stay home, sleep in, take it one minute at a time to rejoice!

Happy Retirement!


  1. I have a husband that is in what I call pre retirement. He is out of work but almost old enough to retire. Me on the other hand, has about 15 more years to go.
    You are so right about the vacuuming part.
    I have been out of work for 3 months and going stir crazy. I finally landed another job that will start in February (later on the blog). I will probably be like my Mom and dad. They are in their 80’s and still work every day. I think they are afraid to slow down.


    1. Oh my, you do understand then.  I'm excited for you with your new job in February! I can't wait to hear about it!  Wow, your Mom and Dad are really something!  I admire them.  Chuck has an aunt who would work forever but her place of business was sold.  She is like a fish out of water and in her 80s as well.  
      I'll bet you have been going stir crazy.  Enjoy your last week or weeks before going off to work.