Jan 7, 2013

What is a Policeman?

My husband Chuck

I found the video below today and thought it still holds true.  Paul Harvey spoke the truth and it is worth hearing again.  Please take a moment to hear what he has to say and thank an officer today for his sacrifice.

I happen to be married to one and am so proud of him.

Wasn't he a cutie?

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Show respect for all
The First Responders definitely deserve our respect!


  1. My brother is a policeman. I do know the sacrifices they take too.

  2. An old friends son is a police man . I to also know what it in tails ! Lovely photos . Have a good day !

  3. God bless your hubby, Dolly. We have police people in our family, too. It is a proud/scary situation, isn't it? xo Diana

  4. Holy Cow. They have to be a lot of things at once. It takes a special person to do what your husband does. I am so glad men like your husband are out there.

  5. Dolly, I had no idea that Chuck was a policeman! And I enjoyed reading your other post about him, too. God bless and keep him safe!

  6. My aunt is a retired police officer/fire fighter. I have total respect for this profession. It's hard work!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  7. I have several family members who are police and they do so much for the community! I know all about the sacrifices! God bless your husband! and I love your blog!

  8. thanks for the shout out for policeman!!

  9. I'm thanking Chuck today for all he does! It's certainly not an easy job and so thankful for those who choose to serve in this way!:)

  10. Paul Harvey had it right indeed. They wear so many hats and I do not think many folks realize how hard they work or how much they and their families surrender to stay with the career either. I am thankful for brave men and women like Chuck that protect us and keep us safe, and for their spouses and families that sacrifice much so they can protect our streets 24/7 365. Thank you both for his service.

  11. Some of my best friends are in Law enforcement.
    One a Detective and many others scattered around.
    In fact my hubby works for the Sheriffs Dept
    and my Son is a Lt. with Homeland Security.
    Being proud is a way of life for many of
    us. What would we do without them?
    Good Post!