Jul 9, 2018

Boys We Have A New MaryJane'sFarm Picnic Quilt

Most of you have probably heard of Mary Jane's Farm.  She is a wonderful inspiration to all FarmGirls.  As a matter of fact I am one of them and thoroughly enjoy that fact!  We FarmGirls are a varied group.  We have some with hundreds of acres to no acreage, and yet grow even from a bucket on a balcony..  That's right we also have FarmGirls at heart.  That's all it takes, and that is how we bond with our love of growing things.

The boys love picnics with 'Mimi' and I love them too!  It was a joy to learn I'd won one of her beautiful handcrafted quilts "Busy Bee Quilts, Le Picnic".  I told the boys it was picnic time!

A look at the twin size quilt on a queen bed. I wanted you to see the pattern.  It has the look and feel of grandma's old handmade quilts.  I loved her quilts. This brings to mind those memories of her antique quilt and fabrics. The softness is out of this world!  It comes out of the package with this comfortable feel!

I was taking photos of the quilt when I glanced at the tag on the sheets on the bed.  Check it out they too are from MaryJane's Home collection!  I didn't plan it and excuse the wrinkles I let them sit before placing on the bed.  I love the organic cotton feel.

Look at these boys and the beautiful quilt!  The little one tells his mom that we picnic a lot.  I guess those are some of his favorite times spent together.  That touches the heart!  Oh, how I love these two!

They are really enjoying their picnic lunch!  We tried anyway.  We had guests so our picnic was late getting underway.  We gathered our basket, quilt & pillow and off we went.  Oh no!  It started drizzling rain.  We hurriedly spread out our things in hopes that the shower would pass over.

There we made it!  The sun is now out shining very brightly!  "Brainiac", the oldest is doing quite well taking a shot of us.  He was using my point and shoot camera, so that was a trick.

Wish I'd remembered to get the kids sunglasses!  We hurriedly ate our sandwiches because a dark cloud was settling in above.  Sun shining brightly and one huge dark cloud above us!

I would take nothing for these special times!  Special children, special quilt!  Well, we had to end the day fire ants found their way onto our spread, and it is now pouring hard drops of rain on our heads!  It doesn't matter the memories were made. We all enjoyed our picnic, the food,and the oh so soft quilt!

Fun and Memories!

A huge thank you to MaryJane's Farm!
I think you can see we are truly enjoying our beautiful quilt, pillow handmade collection!


  1. That quilt is amazing and your grandsons are just as cute as can be. You are so blessed and they are blessed to have you.

    1. Hey Kim, Thank you so much! You're so right I am blessed. I'm going to enjoy every minute I can with these two because they grow up so quickly! I do agree the quilt is amazing and I keep saying it so soft. xoxo Dolly

  2. What a beautiful quilt!!!! I am so glad to see the boys hanging out there with you. There is nothing like sitting on a blanket in the grass on a warm day is there? You look just lovely- sun-kissed and happy.
    I hope you have a great Wednesday-xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana, I'm just seeing the comment, guess the google email thing isn't working for me yet. Oh, I am too because there will come a time when they may not hang with Mimi as much but I hope so. I'm gonna enjoy every minute with them. Thank you for the sweet compliments! xoo Dolly