Nov 10, 2011

Happy Veterans Day Chuck

Happy Veterans Day Chuck

Chuck was in Vietnam Phu Bai, RVN to be exact

He was in  the 8th Radio Research Field Station
They were at the time called The Army Security Agency
It has now been changed to
 Military Intelligence

Chuck in Vietnam — with Jack Hearne, John, Mike, Charles Sarrio and Ernie Ernst.

 Running to keep their minds occupied.

This unit was non existent.
But they did indeed exist

8th Radio Research Field Station
Phu Bai, Vietnam

1.  MACV   2. Dress MACV    3. Army Security Patch

MACV is Military Assistance Command Vietnam

When Chuck left Vietnam he spent the rest of his Army days at

I met him during this time, and spent about 3 months there myself..
I guess that all of this led to his career in law enforcement.

I am so proud of you Chuck.  
Thank you for what you did in your service to our country, 
In spite of the fact that you had to do so in secret.


  1. What a thoughtful post. My father was also in the Army. He was also in Vietnam. As a kid I remember seeing the first two patches. I am married to a retired Air Force man. I am proud of him as well. I really enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. Michelle I am so glad you did. Thank you. We have a lot of ties to the military in one way or another don't we? My deceased husband was an Air Force man too. You tell your husband we are proud of him ok....Come back anytime.