Mar 31, 2015

Three Dog Night

Front:  Cory Wells, Danny Hutton, Center Stool:  Michael Allsup, 
Back Left to Right:  Paul Kingery, Pat Bautz
Join me for more on our trip to see Three Dog Night  and be sure to click the links in the post for more information and music....

Chuck and I planned to go see them last year some time when we found out that they were coming to Myrtle Beach.  Little did we know we would be so busy that we each forgot our wedding anniversary. Yes we both did!  What better way to celebrate than to go there?  So off we went to the beach.  The weather was extremely cold so we shopped the outlets then out to eat in a very nice restaurant.  That was funny too because our very nice waiter, whom we liked very much, didn't even know who Three Dog Night were.  It was understandable because he said his mom was born in 1972...
Then off we went to see Three Dog Night at The Alabama Theater.  I looked at Chuck and asked him this question., "Chuck, do we look that old?"  "Everybody here is old."  The moment when you realize you are old too...Yes, I'm laughing! 

We were saddened by the death of Jimmy Greenspoon.  
Jimmy Greenspoon credit
February 7, 1948 - March 11, 2015

I can say that Chuck and I both enjoyed the concert so very much!  They still have it!  We were so happy to be there.  It is a pleasure to hear someone you grew up loving.  Hearing them after so many years they still sound the same!  You can't say that about most performers playing live.
Just think 1967---now a few band members have come and gone but still to have this many original players touring is great!   
They have a skit that they do with the song "Mama Told Me Not To Come" that is really cute. Someone told them that they were the great, great, great, grandfathers of rap!  So they do a rap version of the song. It was cute but I can tell you I like their original version much better. Well below I found a video of that song...Cory Wells!

Showing my age of course but I miss the music we had.  You know the music that they actually sang.
No I'm still no fan of rap....I like my music to actually be music.  
Sorry kids I know that is what you all grew up with but go back a little further into your parent's music and listen for yourself.

Former Band Member Singer
Chuck Negron 1996 tells of his drug addictions.

 He also wrote a book Three Dog Nightmare here

Former Drummer
Seen above top right
Floyd Sneed
more on him here and here

Former Bassist
Joe Schermie (Joseph Edward Schermetzler)
 credit left the band in 1973. February 12, 1946-March 25, 2002  Tribute

Chuck Negron Facebook  
Chuck Negron Website

CD credit




Video of Eli's Coming Featuring Cory Wells...Quite the talented man

Three Dog Night
I end this post today by saying do yourself a favor and if they have a concert in your area go and see it! These men still have great talent!  If you are of the age to remember them and the music then by all means go remember and enjoy the present with them.  You will I promise.

For more information about Three Dog Night and more former band members click here

It is with a sad heart that I say Cory Wells has passed away.  He died yesterday October 20, 2015

Three Dog Night Mourns the Loss of Cory Wells

"It is with deep sadness and disbelief that I must report the passing of Cory Wells, my beloved band mate for over 45 years," announced Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night.. "Cory was an incredible singer--a great performer, he could sing anything."

Wells, one of the three lead singers of iconic American pop band Three Dog Night, died unexpectedly yesterday in Dunkirk, NY.  Wells had been with Three Dog Night from the beginning and continued performing with the band up until September of this year when he developed a problem with severe back pain. credit  and story

Rock star Cory Wells was fighting cancer, apparently died of infection, family says.  Story Here

RIP "Cory" Emil Lewandowski.  You will be missed.


  1. I remember a party I had in my parent's basement (rec room) when I was in 5th or 6th grade. We all were singing Jeremiah was a bullfrog . . . . I loved Three Dog Night.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Kathy! That is so cute! They said they almost threw that song away and look how we kids loved it! ..I loved them guess I still do. They are still good!

  2. Great post Dolly - and I'll show my age too because I remember them well. Thru a drug induced stupor maybe, but I do remember them. It WAS the 70's after all...... LOL!!

    1. Thanks Kim! They had so many hits and were everywhere. You nut..the 70's were something else that is for sure. I remember all so straight laced I pretended to be stoned when crazy is that..I remember bringing home dates that had long hair and my daddy would say quit bringing home those punks they look like girls.....LOL! I loved the long hair and still do..on some anyway.

  3. I was a 70's/80's kid but I remember listening to them. And I still sing-along to their songs when I hear them.

    1. There songs have been around for a long time. I sing-along too Tonya..Good to hear from you.

  4. I missed this post before, Dolly. I was lucky enough to see these guys in person in FL back in the 70---73, I think. They were amazing then. It is great to hear that they've still "got it". I loved their music and spent many turns on the dance floor dancing to their music.
    Thanks for the memories, Dolly. Love ya, soul sistah! xo Diana

    1. Oh wow you were lucky. To see then then had to be so awesome! I spent many turns on the dance floor too dancing to their music. They had so many hit songs. Awe you're welcome. I love you too soul sistah...I can hear music and I would have had such a good time I know. xoxo Dolly