Mar 24, 2015

An Engagement!

Catie and Doug
I can't believe my baby girl is engaged.  I know, I know, she is not a baby anymore but to me she always will be.  Sharing a few pictures today with you....

Opal Engagement Ring

Catie's favorite stone has always been an opal.  This is her dream come true.  The ring belonged to Doug's Grandmother and she wanted him to give it to Catie.  That is so special and meaningful.  

Since they've become engaged and Spring is here she and Doug have been having the best time. She has always loved to fish but we have taken her very little in her lifetime.  She is quite the fisherman as you will see in these pictures.  Yes, Doug is a fisherman and she loves that.

Look at these fish!

I'll say this for Doug if he can get this girl on her day off to get up that early to go fishing;  He's doing good!  Look, the girl can fish!

Any of you that follow my design blog will have seen Doug.  He is one of my male apron models.  I love that he is game for me throwing aprons on him at any given time and photographing him.

Doug's Aprons for dolly's designs

He is a genuine person.  What you see is what you get.  He has a heart of gold and thinks of others constantly.  It is rare to find someone so young that has such qualities.  The main thing is he loves my girl with all of his heart and it shows.  I now have a son who just happens to be my apron model. Love it!

I have two girls that I am extremely proud of and now two sons have come into our lives. I'm grateful and love them all.


The picture above was taken on Easter many years ago.  Catie will always be my little girl, always!   She is a Mini Me.  Yes, I'm very happy but sentimental. We parents want our children to grow and live their lives happily with love from those around them. Sometimes it's hard to let go, but we do so with the knowledge that they will always be with us.
We'll have more people to love and then if we're lucky they'll have their own little "Mini Mes." (which we get to spoil rotten)

I pray for this couple and the new life that is ahead of them!  That in itself is a true blessing.  Young and your life together is ahead of you!  Enjoy all the blessings God has given and share the blessings with others.


  1. They make a beautiful couple. Many wishes for a road of happiness ahead in their life together. And I LOVE it that she likes to fish!!

    1. Thanks so much Kim! She and you have a lot in common that way!

  2. So sweet! Congrats. What a beautiful, and special ring to have as well. The couple looks very happy together.

  3. Congratulations. That is a beautiful ring and I like that it has a special meaning. I can't wait to hear all the plans you will be making. When do they plan to marry, where will they live, what type of wedding? There are so many choices these days, it's so exciting.

    1. Hey Kathy, I wonder about all of those things. Guess we'll see soon. Like you say so many choices. When we married, around here anyway weddings were pretty much the same. They were beautiful, held at night very formal, receptions were held in the church reception halls. Now who knows? This is for my Catie she is the comedian of the family so I'm waiting to see what ideas she has...:)