Mar 20, 2015

It's Here! Spring is Here!

Hello All,  I feel like dancing and singing!  Yes I do!  It is the first day of Spring my favorite time of year!  Just think warmer days everything growing turning green and blooming. How about you out there, is Spring your favorite time of year?   
Today I'm sharing some photographs that were taken by my youngest daughter Catie. They are from her photo archives. Come on in and let's enjoy some of Catie's photography and think of Spring!

Male watching while female checks this house out.
Eastern Bluebirds they are so pretty and social.
We provide housing for them and it is a joy to see them nesting.
We look forward to them every year!

 Looking in will they like it?

Looks like they might just stay.

They stayed and had these babies!
Look at the blue on the one in the back.
The Zinnias are for Summer that is not far behind!  Enjoy!

It is 47 degrees as I write this but that is how it is here in South Carolina.  80 one day 47 the next.  It jolts us back and forth but is still my favorite time of year...well Summer and the beach....yes....Fall I'm beginning to love..Mama told me to open my eyes and see the colors...Mama I'm learning to do that...I really am..(But Spring is still my favorite!)
Let the Blooming Begin!

Until next time..


  1. Your daughter takes wonderful photo's...Yea It's spring..

    1. Thank you very much I agree and am sure she thanks you too!