Mar 16, 2015

March What's Going On?

Hello, how are you?  Here in South Carolina it is a beautiful bright, sunny day.  The roosters are crowing, the hens are laying big beautiful eggs, and Casper the Great Pyrenees is happy.  I've been thinking about a weekly update as to what is going on out here in the country.  It may be pretty, then again it may not.  Come on in and sit a spell.

I can not wait until everything is green and growing!

I took a walk with the camera today to see some signs of the coming Spring.  I see little buds on the Oak Leaf Hydrangea, the fruit trees are starting to put on new life and buds...

These are the white climbing roses that usually cover the fence and inside the garden.  I cut them back later than usual so they will not be as showy this year.  I could be wrong.  Who knows?

 Yes love these daffodils with the pink ish center. 
The Ugly:  Porch rails need cleaning up and painting...

 I couldn't resist these the other day  They were calling my name.  Sitting on the retail table in a pot..."dolly, dolly,dolly"  They came home with me...

Pear Trees blooms coming on out!

They are a happy bunch.  Casper is getting so big and tall.  Standing on two feet he is way taller than the fence.  He can let himself out by pushing the latch with his nose.  He doesn't do that often but at times I'm glad to know that he can.  I just might need him out of the pen in a situation.  I love that dog and the chickens.

"Gaston and some hens" 

List of Things to Do in the Hibiscus House Gardens
  • Fertilize Orchard--Done!
  • Haul off dead trimmings left behind before all of the rains
  • Pull grass/weeds from the beds
  • Replenish the Straw to Beds
  • Weed the Strawberry Patch
  • Rake the Chicken Pens
  • Clean the Coops
  • Prepare Garden Spot
  • Finish Painting Front Porch
  • Pressure Wash and Paint Back Porch
  • Repair Picket Fence
Well it's a start anyway.

 Happy Hens and Rooster

In the Sewing/Craft Room
dolly's designs

Please come on in and ignore the scraps of fabric and threads covering the floor.  There is always a work in progress here

It is a surprise to me I have to tell you.  For the last few years I've been completely busy making aprons.  Yes Aprons.  People still love them and now I think a younger generation is loving them.  I've never until now been an apron maker...but it is center stage now...When I can catch up on those I will be making other items for the home and in fashion...For now I'll showcase the most recent aprons made.....

This is the Blue/Green Combination Scalloped Apron.  Check out the post and a close-up look at the fabulously beautiful fabrics here
This little number got lots of attention...The Little Chick Children's

  This little Hostess Apron "Mod Red Harlequin" is also a Vibrant
 This week another color version of The Scalloped Hostess Apron.....

Well I'd better get up from here and get to work.
Until next time....


  1. Dolly,
    Your warm weather is amazing!!!
    It is still raining over here 3rd week straight. So many cloudy days are making me feel very down.
    My husband had spring break off and we stayed in most of the week ... :(
    Love the aprons .. I have a collection of my own..
    have a blessed day.

    1. Hey Marissa!
      We have had 2 or 3 days and I've so enjoyed it! We too have had so much rain here that our dirt driveway is a muddy bog...As a matter of fact we've had to wrecker come out to get us out and they bogged down...then we bogged down again...Yes we have got to fix the driveway when it ever drys up completely. I'm sorry you had to stay in most of the week of his spring break too...Thank you and I'll bet you have a very beautiful apron collection...Thank you Marissa and I hope you have a blessed day and week!! xoxo

  2. I LOVE this update of What's Going On, Dolly. It is really fun to see what all is happening there. Love that pupster can let himself out---as long as he doesn't let everyone follow him out. lol
    Sounds like you have been a busy girl with cooking (love the cookbook you won) and sewing. I have been making aprons for the kids for the last couple of years, too. I love how fast they make up and they are just fun! xo Diana

    1. Thank you! I know I've thought of that but they just stay in. He was quite bad about getting out at first but then just calmed down. He knows if he stays inside he will get his favorite treat. I once had a carload of men up here and I don't mind saying it they were looking around way too much for my comfort...They said, " that dog is really barking. Does he stay in the pen all of the time?" I said "Well no and if I were you all I'd get back in your car because he can let himself out. All I have to do is tell him to come here." They got back in the car and left in a hurry. I love sewing the aprons too...Good to hear from you Diana!

  3. The signs of Spring are so welcome! I have a set of to-do projects fro my husband since he is waiting for the next construction job to start. Painting the porch is on the list for us too, actually it's been on the list last year too but didn't get done. I think your roses will be fine, maybe even fuller. Congratulations on winning the Milk Cow Kitchen book!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Yeah our paint list was for last year too..this year we sure have to do it though it is getting so ugly. I hope the roses will do well since I gave them a crew cut..laughing. I really like that book it has so much information in it..pretty too.

  4. Beautiful daffodils! I have never seen those with the pink tips. I need to make a list like yours for my homestead. Lists help keep one on track! Have a wonderful spring!

    1. They are so pretty. I need to make more lists myself and actually finish all of them before going to the next hope you have a wonderful Spring Lisa..