Jun 27, 2015

Sir Paul McCartney My Mother's Day Gift

The girls and I are on the top floor of the parking garage going to see Paul McCartney

You may remember on Mother's Day Carly, John, and Catie gave me a fabulous gift; tickets to see Paul McCartney.  I was so thrilled!  

It has taken me 51 years to see a member of my favorite all-time musical group.  I am so thankful to the children for such a nice gift and I get to enjoy it with the girls!  Come on inside to see our fabulous trip...

Let's step back in time to 1964.

How many of you are old enough to remember seeing the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show?  I am and will never forget it.  

You can read a little about it by hitting the credit link below the next picture. You can also see in the video below The Beatles 1964 Ed Sullivan 3 Shows!

The Beatles February 9, 1964    credit

I was young and fell immediately in love!  My daddy agreed to let me watch "these punks with long hair" as he called them!  Just look at this LONG HAIR!  Can you imagine this was extremely long for a guy's hair?  I guess Daddy was ahead of his time because he used the word punk before Punk Rock ever came into being.  He was talking about these guys with the long hair that had all the girls swooning and screaming

I miss my Daddy! He said, "Why in the world are they screaming, crying, pulling at their hair? "

I have to admit as crazy and excited as I was to see them I couldn't answer that one!  I didn't feel the need to cry and scream...I just wanted to sing and dance!

The Beatles were all any of us young girls could talk about.  Singing nonstop and of course, the all-important question at the time was: "Who is your favorite Beatle?"  Oh goodness, the squabbles if anyone other than yourself liked your favorite.  

How funny now like any of us stood a chance with one of the Beatles.  Thinking back my girlfriends and I were pre-teens at the time.  Do you want to know my favorite?  Paul McCartney of course! But, then Ringo on the drums, George and John were all super cute! Truthfully it was hard to pick a favorite because I loved them all.  (watch the video and see them for yourself).

The Beatles 1964 Ed Sullivan 3 Shows!

Present Day Post

On June 25, 2015, Sir Paul McCartney came to Columbia, S.C
next pic
Before the show the girls said, Okay Mama Smile Big!" 
It wasn't as if they had to make me smile like a Cheshire cat for this!

I'm going to share some pictures with you now.  They may be in focus, maybe not.....

Got To Get You Into My Life

I had to include this one look at his stance...Does that not say Paul McCartney?

Such talent!

Below is one of the "partial videos" that I took to share with you!

Live and Let Die Because I Like It!!! Day Tripper and Lady Madonna

Band: Brian Ray guitarist, bassist, singer-songwriter musical director 

Rusty Anderson American guitarist and singer-songwriter 

Paul Wix Wickens British musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer                                                     
Abe Laboriel, Jr  drummer  

Paul has a fantastic band!

Tribute to George Harrison



Tribute to the People of Charleston! (partial video)

I leave you today and this was a pretty hard post to get together.  It really was because there is so much that I like and want to share and not enough space to do it all!  I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of anyone going to one of his concerts and let me tell you I couldn't possibly do that anywayHis show is out of this world. These videos are nothing compared to the live show.  They can't convey how good the sound and show actually is!  

A Dear Friend of mine said this to me, "Dolly you are going to walk out of there saying Awesome!!!"  She was so right! 
If he comes to your area Do yourself a favor and Go!  He and the band give it their All!  Almost 4 hours of constant entertaining!  I kid you not you get more than you bargain for and from one of the biggest bands, and personalities ever!  I truly believe he is genuinely nice!  What a wonderful artist who has lived through many different phases of music and continues on.  

What true talent!  What energy!!! Whew!  I have to tell you I was a little light-headed when I stood up after it was over...(laughing)  How does he do it?

Thank you my children for the time of my life and I'm so glad you were able to go and see this for yourselves too.  After all, you've lived it, and heard it your entire childhood!

I leave you with a few more videos.  
I can't help it I like so many
This one has Johnny Depp (what's not to like about that?)


  1. First off, you are just beautiful, Dolly! Truly...and your daughters are darling! I am so glad you got to see him. I would love to see him, too. He was my favorite also- I think he was more "boyish" than the others, maybe? anyway.....what a wonderful gift. Those girls got that just right! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

    1. Oh my goodness you are good for the soul! Thank you! We had so much fun they are beautiful and so precious to me. I kinda figured Paul would be your favorite too! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday too sweet Diana!!! Love you.