Sep 29, 2014

Beach: Arcade, Sam's Corner, Sara J's, Castano's and Kenny Rogers!

The smallest loved riding in the elevator and he made a beeping sound constantly.  He has excellent hearing and notices sounds we tend to ignore.  The oldest with board in hand excited to find a wave on the beach.  Dad with backpack full of necessities.

I've said it before but it bears saying again, we love the beach!  There are so many things to see and do even if the weather is bad.  The children always enjoy the most simple things and I'm glad because the weather was extremely bad.  What do you do when you're at the beach and the weather is bad?  I'll show you....

Arcade  Did I say Arcade?  Why yes I did.  Bring along some cash for buying tokens to play the games.  Don't fool yourself you can never have enough because you will want to play also....

Just look at their faces!  Pockets full of tokens,( junk) in the machines!  Happy Dance and going in opposite directions!  Mimi needs to run to catch up with these boys!

Oh boy look at some of the winnings!  Look at the faces!  What do you think a pocketful of $ will buy?....FUN!
 Look at these baseball players! They are very good!  Alright DadJohn has the gun I want to use!  Move over and let me waste some tokens!  He is very good at games and this one was no exception.  He gave me the gun and had won tons of extra points.  I had so many games to play my arm grew tired....I did enjoy it and that was nice of him because the game even told me "You can't shoot the backside of a barn!"....It was fun!

Next stop: Sam's Corner (Facebook Page) you're right there so feed the kiddies and yourself..corndogs, hot dogs...great fries and onion rings.  It has become a tradition to stop in there for years and years.  While on the corner cross over to the Garden City Pier for another fun time.  They have wonderful cheeseburgers there, along with more games, fishing and live entertainment.

We always have one place we must go for excellent seafood and it is Sara J's.  Website and (facebook page).  
Do yourself a favor and eat there you'll come back time and time again.  We have for years and years, it is a favorite of ours!

While watching a program about things to do at the beach we found out Kenny Rogers was going to be at The Alabama Theatre website! Facebook page.
I was excited because  we have loved him our entire life. The show was to be that night! We got great tickets because people canceled! Lucky us.  We went real early made an afternoon of it at Barefoot Lots to see and do there!  We did cover the area and had so much fun.

Then it happened, we found the best place to eat there.  Castano's Italian Steakhouse website 
Facebook Page here
The best steak I ever put into my mouth.  Very nice restaurant with wonderful atmosphere!  Excellent service! I recommend because it was fabulous!

We had a great time at the Kenny Roger's Show.  We got to see his wife and twin sons.  The sons sang too!  I loved that being able to see them.  The Alabama Theatre isn't a huge theatre so any seat in the house would be allright.  He had a little trouble walking and I told my daughter he is acting kinda old...shhh she said." Mama don't say that! "  He filled us in on the reason he was walking that way was because he had just recently had a knee replacement.... Kenny Rogers Facebook Page and website
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Great concert he still has it!  We of course kept hoping Dolly would walk out too when they played and sang You Can't Make Old Friends!....She does after all have Pirates Voyage there you know...another place we must visit...
I'll leave you now with pictures of Kenny Rogers, his family, The First Edition and the video of him and Dolly....Congratulations to Kenny and Dolly for their nomination for The Musical Event of the Year for their duet "You Can't Make Old Friends"

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The First Edition
(I was around for The First Edition loved Just Dropped In!)

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  1. Oh- I just loved this post-from the kiddo in the elevator to Kenny Rogers. I always thought he and Dolly were so cute when they sang together. It is hard to see some of "my generation" getting older...and losing some of them. I saw Kenny Rogers many, many years ago and have loved him since that moment. He was so personable then and still is. Stardom did not spoil him from what I can see. I will listen to that song here-I have to turn my audio on first. xo Diana

    ps. Your beaches ARE beautiful!

    1. Hey Diana,
      Thank you! We had such fun. I've loved him a long time too..and you know I love Dolly...He is just as personable and is a great entertainer that makes you feel as if he is a friend you've known for a long time...I hate to see them notice I said them...(not me, yeah right) getting older...I thank you for the compliment for our beaches they are fun and gorgeous.
      xo Dolly

  2. Oh, I am bookmarking places like crazy from this post - I have only been to SC one time and it was about 35 years ago. I think it was myrtle beach, but I'm not sure now. You should be on their board of tourism for writing this great post.

    Kenny was so hot when he was with The first Edition.

    1. Hey Kim!
      Well it is all one area a straight shot to most of the beaches on that coastline...That is probably where you went Myrtle, North Myrtle...we used to stay on that end Ocean Drive and Cherry Grove...great beaches...Garden City has become the most family oriented beach around so we go there with the kids and like it too. Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I love the beach and will share more when I can think of it...You come on down to South Carolina now and let me know when you do!
      I agree about Kenny!