Nov 11, 2018

Veteran's Day 2018

Chuck left and Tom Madden on right
Cutting up and preparing for guard duty of  the Ammo Supply Dump
Phu Bai, Vietnam

Today this Veteran's Day we pay tribute to all who have served to protect our country.  I thank you one and all those who have served.  I know at times in our great nation there are those that forget, take for granted or downright belittle the service you have given.  Rest assured there are many more here that are grateful for the freedoms you've helped preserve.  There are no words to convey our thankfulness to you. 

Chuck center front right black shirt
Any of you guys in the picture still around contact us if you will

Chuck served in a secret unit with the Army Security Agency, who was according to all except the chosen few, "Not in Vietnam".  Well they were and served well!  You can read a little more about him and his unit here.

Chuck Left, Joan a civilian from Service Club and other soldier 
Joe a Marine right. Frank Bennett army was taking the picture. 
They were on a day trip...Vietnam.

Randy left US Air Force Veteran Vietnam War
Service in Thailand
Probably deceased because of Agent Orange
That in itself if another story of sacrifice while serving one's country

My daddy Carl served in WWII you can read some about it here .
There are many stories of his and his dear friend 

Jim Wheeler
What Are The Odds here

Their surviving one of the two shipwrecks involved in WWII

Another heartwarming story of their coming home from WWII

My Grandfather fought in WWI and sadly I didn't get the chance to hear much about that but I will research and may find out quite a lot.  I hope so and I thank him.  The very reason Veteran's Day exists and it was called Armistice Day, The coming home of WWI Veterans

I have more relatives that served as well and I thank them.

2018 Armistice 100th Anniversary

Personal Thoughts:  In this day and time when there are so many who do not understand nor care for the sacrifices made by our Veterans I pray they take the time to learn.  I pray they come to realize that just because they did not, nor have none they know of that have served to protect their very lives, will come to know.  

I guess it is hard for so many privileged people, such as we all are in America to truly know what has been taken for granted.

Take the time to learn and respect our servicemen. We know, We live it, or have lived with loved ones doing their patriotic duty to serve and protect.  

Do you want to know why most young people outside of the armed forces do not know of what really goes on or has gone on in previous wars?  It is because of the men and women who've fought for the freedom for and at this very moment fighting for them not to worry about these things!  The very things we all enjoy, freedom from war and strife. peace in this day and time, that is what we have because of them!

If you are one that might want to burn, step on, destroy the American Flag, take a moment to think about what you are doing in being so disrespectful.  Think of the reason such a treasonous act could even occur on our soil and who made it possible for your selfish, arrogant act to even occur.  Step up and be grateful.  Dare I say to those who take a knee when our anthem is being played say a prayer of thanks to God Almighty and stand up in respect for the best country in the world and to those that make it possible!

I salute you all!

Tell a Veteran thank you!
Respect this great country and our flag because many have fought and died for it
The very freedoms you enjoy today get on your knees and thank God
for the very ones He has sent to protect this great nation!

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