Dec 8, 2011

My Chuck

so cute


His mother, a hair dresser gave him a new color and swoop.
I met him fresh out of Vietnam. We moved to Ft. Lee in Virginia.

Our apartment in Ft. Lee right after we wed in 1972.
A  neighbor's precious toddler and I in back yard.
This little baby looked like a Cupie Doll.
You can tell it is the seventies by my dress. I made it of course.

Police Department
He actually went to work there when we first married 
(Catie says he looks like Bernie from Weekend at Bernies Movie)

I actually saved money off of a piece of furniture one time because
the lady told me she liked looking at him in his motorcycle pants....true story.

The man loved to write tickets.  He and his buddy Steve both loved that.
There were less accidents because of it.

We purchased his police bike, the Harley but fate wouldn't let him keep it.
He hit a huge deer, a buck on the highway and it was a miracle he survived. His head was inches from sign on highway.  Bike was really messed up. Helmet bent, visor gone. He was really messed up too.
His years on the bike probably helped him to survive.
It was said it was a miracle he survived to tell about it.  I do believe that.  Thank God. 

Gift received at retirement looks just like him

Retirement Shadowbox

The man takes a lickin and keeps on tickin 
He has had major surgery and has made a great recovery.
I know God still has plans for him and I am so glad too.
In the six years since we remarried I almost lost him twice.

Now Security Officer at local hospital
We jokingly call it the police retirement home
They do not like being called security guards because that is not what they are.
They are officers and have extensive training. His law enforcement experience certainly helps.
They have the authority to arrest, carry firearms, which makes him happy. I personally don't think he would know how to walk without a gun
They do more than the average citizen will ever know.

Patients, doctors, nurses all depend on these professionals. 
I might add, with good reason, it is a good thing they are there to protect us all.

Can you tell I love this man?


  1. Such a lovely post about the man you love. I especially like the Vietnam shot. He is obviously a wonderful and well loved man!!!
    Thanks for the visit to Desire Empire

  2. Oh thank you. I'll tell him that you like the Vietnam it will please him. I love your blog and sure am glad you came here. We will be seeing you I am sure. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Yep, it's pretty obvious you're crazy about him! What a blessing for both of you. :)
    I'm glad we're connected now! Thanks for visiting and following Revisionary Life - I'm following you now, too!

  4. Hi Revi,
    Welcome to Hibiscus House. I do love him, guess that is evident. I married him twice...
    I am so glad you came to visit and thrilled that you are following. We will be keeping in touch. Merry Christmas to you.

  5. Your story of devotion is so heartwarming. I love to see this in a marriage. I feel the same about my hubby. My FIL is a retired LAPD officer.

  6. Hi Elaine! Glad you stopped by. It is good to know you feel the same about your FIL and you and I probably have a lot in common. It is so nice to meet you and I am glad I found your blog also.