Jun 22, 2015

'Mimi's' Boot Camp 2015

Every year I have my grandson for what I like to call 'Mimi Camp'.  A boot camp of sorts.  That is what I tell him anyway.  This year I have the two of them.  H is now old enough to come to camp also.  We do hard labor.  Well, come on in I'll tell you all about it....

Hard labor such as you brought your bunnies to camp you will let 'Mimi' clean the cage.  You will play with your bunnies and not treat them like a football.  You will learn how to hold baby chicks that have just hatched.  You will feed the others that are growing.  You will sneak out and let the dog out of the pen so that he will run wild and enjoy himself.......

 Philly feeding the Buff Orpingtons.

We have to do manual Labor at boot camp.  He did enjoy this and was excited that they actually ate from his hand.  The chicks are really growing!

H holding a big chick for the first time and doing it quite well I might add!

Look at the smile on that boy's face!

He is so proud that he could hold this big chick.
Philly is behind him rounding up one to hold himself.
Part of the hard labor.  You must get your own chicken to hold.

He got one!

Looking pleased with his chick capture!

Alright he is a pro chicken holder now!

The Camp Warden 'Pop Pop' stands guard with guard dog Casper

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The boys go through strenuous water exercises and training.  Everyone has to do their part even down to the youngest.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

 click picture to enlarge

Rigorous climbing exercise is a must

I had to clean up our guard dog and he was very thankful for it!  Looked like lots of white fluffy cotton or snow on the ground when I finished.

You can pout all you want H but you will eat Smores!  Inside because the temperature outside is 103 and feels like 108!   You will eat the junk you love and all the ketchup you can hold!  You will do this while playing games that even 'Mimi' can't play!  I know it's tough but this is boot camp!

It will be expected of each camper to participate and finish creative projects under the supervision of the warden.  You will master Legos, Super Hero Mr Potato Heads and a Nabi by the age of 3.  You will have an endless supply of batteries to run your assortment of games!

They are taught to balance a chick on their shoulder and hold a bunny in their shirt.  Seriously though aren't these boys and animals adorable?

H was shown the raspberry patch and still has a little on his chin.    At first he spit the seeds and said yucky I don't like them 'Mimi' but then later on he made his way back and cleaned the patch out of ripe berries.  Here he is shown watering some tomato plants and a fine job he did.

Philly was busy collecting grasshoppers for his collection.  He did collect a lot of them.  They were still alive and thriving when he took them home days later.

Hugging 'Pop Pop' after a fun day of playing Lego

All kidding aside I thoroughly enjoyed this fun packed week with these boys.  I slept on an air mattress with them, kind of a camp out inside thing.  I fell off on my head backwards and had to do a back flip to get up. That thing could throw you for a loop!
We watched one of the most stupid cartoons called Uncle Grandpa because H likes it.  We watched Brain Games with Philly and learned a few things. The boys sang one song every minute of every day.  The little one even sang it in a robot voice.  I didn't even know they made so many plush Mario Figures!
Heck I even ate a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with them. 
We did have fun and I've decided that I'll enjoy every minute with them because you know the first time one of them says to me, "Mimi you can drop me off I can walk from here." I'll know they have grown!
They do grow so quickly, but for now we are making memories!


  1. WOW! You really did have a fun filled week with P and H. No wonder their mom said they were still talking about it. You are right.......the boys and the animals are cute and precious.

    1. Hi Karen!
      I kept meaning to come see you but time got away from us. Thank you too for everything! They sure love you all!

  2. Wow, the kids are having a great time. Will you need a vacation afterwards? I love all the interaction they have with the animals and the buffs sure are getting big!

    1. I thought I would but really not. I guess they rejuvenated me! The buffs sure are fast and beautiful birds I really like them. We have some 2 week old Dominique in the brooder now. The feed & seed were a month behind in getting them. I had it all planned to get them together have them the same age and throw them in the pen together until they were ready for laying feed...scratching my head and wondering what I will do to keep them on the correct feed now...