Nov 14, 2011

Bragging on Carly

Carly is my oldest daughter.  She has started to sew also.  When she purchased the wonderful sewing machine for me, she bought herself another version of Viking.
She has already made little P a Halloween Apron with ghouls and goblins on it...very cute.

He is a Frankenstein helper

It is amazing how well she is already sewing. She is the daughter that would stand up behind me in the chair I was sitting in sewing.  She would play with my hair and we would talk, and talk the night away. I will never forget those tiny fingers playing with and brushing my hair.  I suppose a lot of her childhood was spent in that sewing room.
She had her a strawberry shortcake playhouse in that room.  It was cardboard but she would play in it for hours. That house lasted for years and years.  It had a mail slot in it, so every once in a while I would stop crafting write her a letter and drop her off some mail. Guess that is why she and I both love getting mail to this day.

She is named after my daddy Carl

She is married to a wonderful husband, John who does treat her like a queen. They have a son and I know I am prejudiced but he is a very good, sweet boy.  I am so proud of her, she is an excellent mother.
She is right now expecting her second child.  We are so excited.

Carly loves to cook and does it quite well I might add.  She always goes all out when having parties with special touches. She is very talented.

For my birthday she fixed filet mignon, fresh asparagus, colored peppers. we had homemade chocolate pie.  She made her apron too. 

chocolate cupcakes...Delicious!

One special gift that Carly gave me was this beautiful lipstick from Estee Lauder
All of the proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research.
She knows that I still love pink!!

In memory of Evelyn Lauder, who created the Pink Ribbon. Who helped to raise cancer awareness.
Who has also helped to make so many of us women more beautiful with her makeup.

Thank you Carly for everything. I am so proud of you.
God has blessed me with two beautiful, caring young ladies and I thank Him.


  1. Oh how I love our Carly. She is such an exceptional person! 6 months can go by without us talking and when we finally do, we don't miss a beat! I love you Carly Amber!

  2. Our 6 months is almost up. We better get to calling each other. I love you too!