Nov 13, 2011

Bragging On Catie


My children are very talented. I know parents brag about their children.  I am guilty of not bragging enough, maybe I take for granted their talents and abilities.  Plus I was raised with rules like it is not nice to toot your own horn and such. I was told it is not nice to brag. Guess I carried that over to my children.  I need to remedy that so today's the day for bragging.
I mentioned on my sewing blog that the girls and I were going to a sewing class.  I have sewn my entire life. In school, we had a very strict Home Economics Teacher. When she taught you something you didn't forget it. She really was demanding but a great teacher.

Catie the younger of the two girls was born with certain talents and abilities.  From the time she could sit up and be trusted to sit beside me in the sewing room she would sew. She collected my scraps almost before I could cut them from the patterns. 

When she was three I would cut strips and she would tie the scraps and actually make glamorous outfits for her baby dolls.  At the age of four, I gave her a needle, a very large, not so sharp needle, and a not so sharp pair of school scissors.  She would cut and form fit at the clothes for her Barbie Dolls. They would look amazing, they were. She continued to do this up into her teen years. Sketching and sewing.  I always thought she would be a designer, and she may be yet.

This is what she made me for my recent birthday

She has only had five sewing classes

a zipper!


The detailing is excellent! Not only did she make a purse with coordinating lining but she made a wallet to go along with it.

Our grandmothers always taught us to never give away a purse without putting money inside. It would not be proper to do so.

Great Job Catie!  
I am impressed!
Thank you, honey.
She sure did an excellent job, didn't she?


  1. Excellent job! I am impressed :)

  2. Catie is very talented indeed. I think any girl would love to have a set like that. Thanks for sharing your love of Catie and sewing! Debbie H.

  3. My goodness! Your Catie is so talented! She should start her own business making purses.