Feb 3, 2014

My Babies Playing in the Snow!

Catie with Oskar and the boys.  Look at the smiles.

Brrrr it is cold but the kids and animals are having such a good time.  Join us please.

Look at that face

Snow ice cream coming up

Casper is so happy they are here

I don't know who is having more fun the kids or Casper running & jumping in the background

Close-up:  Look at these animals.  Casper so happy, Spot his dear friend on top of the fence.  He did not want his feet to touch the snow.  For days that crazy rooster stayed on top of the fence.  JR the rooster on the ground is such a strutter.  Nobody has to tell him he is handsome! The pen looks bad right now.  The shade tarps were so heavy with snow I thought they would fall in.  They separated will need repairing but didn't fall.

There was always a snowball flying through the air

Somebody is getting cold and sleepy

Little one is trying to catch up to the rest of them.

 He finally caught up with them..but it is nap time.
 Oskar the dachshund is still running wild.

Can you tell that I'm a proud mother and grandmother.."Mimi"?
I guess this is my flip photo album. 
You know the kind that people used to pull out of their purse and they would go on and on just about fall to the floor!
 I'm laughing at myself.  You should see the ones that didn't make the page.

The snow was too dry to make a snowman but I don't think they missed that at all.

Have a good week!


  1. You have every right to be a proud gramma, Dolly. It is so much fun to see those kids playing in, and enjoying, the snow. How funny about the rooster- xo Diana

    1. We Nana's do love our kids..I went a little overboard but it was fun! I know that is one funny rooster. I hatched him 4 or 5 years ago and sang to him since birth. I sing La La Lu Lullaby from the movie Lady & The Tramp and to this day whatever he is doing he will stop come stand by me while I sing.

  2. Dolly, I have not touched or seen snow in so long,so when I see this it just brings so much happiness to my heart.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh Marissa. I know the feeling. You definitely know why we go crazy when we ever get any. You are so very sweet and I thank you for touching my heart today! I hope you get to one day soon be where it snows, so you can touch some.

  3. These are such cute photos ... you should have posted ALL your shots and be proud! That last shot of little Oscar running with ears flying high and tail out is so funny ;) I used to have a daschund when I was a kid and we called him Skipper because he skipped when he ran. Wendy x ps we got so much snow today that I'd be willing to send some down to Marissa (above)!!

    1. Hey Wendy! It's good to hear from you. I'm sorry you got so much snow but wish you could send some to Marissa. Thank you for sweet comments! I know you loved your little Skipper. They are funny little things. xo