Feb 14, 2024

Grandma and Her Stories

Talking today about cute stories she told me.  Making biscuits, dating Grandpa  and riding in a fine Model T Ford. Cute couple on this Valentine's Day.

The thought hit me as I was making a pan of biscuits the other day.  Why am I making an entire pan of biscuits for the two of us? Flour, butter, buttermilk grocery items aren't getting any cheaper.  In fact, they along with most things are way over-priced!  

I decided to cut the dough in half.  I baked half and refrigerated the other half. We had more than enough and had more for another meal.  A little savings but hey, every little bit helps right?  I think so. You know I've been on this savings kick lately.

Chuck was tickled to have biscuits twice in one week.  Oh, if my Grandma could hear me now. She would be shaking her head at me because twice a week would be a shame. She used to make them three times a day!  I remember her doing this for a long time on a wood stove!

Look at how tiny Grandpa was!  He ate hard and he worked hard.  I did enjoy watching him eat that biscuit and drink that really hot coffee.  You see he poured his coffee into a deep saucer or a bowl to cool.  Then he would sip it gently. That perculator cooked on the wood stove made some mighty hot coffee!

Two of Grandma's Stories

She would say, "Dolly, your granddaddy thinks he's got to put his feet under the table three times a day and he expects a pan of hot biscuits each time!"   She went on and on about it.  I laugh today when I think about it! He wants to put his feet under the table three times a day!  

Hey, I didn't say she was thrilled about it, did I? She did make the best biscuits ever, both my grandmothers did!

Grandma loved that little man so much and he loved her.  They were so funny and we enjoyed staying with them and every minute was fun!

I was a child and we lived in a very small town, like Mayberry actually.  I had been spending the week with them.  Grandaddy took Grandmama and me into town.  We went to the dime store for toys!  Yay and then to the small grocery store.  I asked her if I could get a Mountain Dew? 

Grandmama had a tea total fit!  She said, "NO you may not have a Mountain Dew!"  I didn't understand, and wondered why she wouldn't let me have one.  So I asked, "Why Grandma, why can't I have one?"  She said, "Honey you can't have that it's white lightning, whiskey, moonshine!"  Bless her heart she thought it was.  I didn't bring it up again it upset her so.  She was so precious and did find out later that Mountain Dew was a soft drink!  She apologized to me for not buying me one.

Grandmama was a very humble and loving person and if she were here she'd probably say, "Ah Dolly stop that!"

One of Grandpa's Stories

She eventually got a little biscuit baking break when loaf bread came into the grocery stores.  While eating with them one day Grandpa said to me, "I got your Grandmama a new ring".  I got all excited and said, "You did?" He said, " Yeah, I had to go a far peace to get it. "It came from all around the bread!"  I didn't hear that last part. 

I said, "You did?? He said, "Yeah, do you want one?"  He took the twist tie from the loaf of bread and shaped it like a ring. Then gave it to me. 

It finally hit me he said from around the bread and then it was funny! We kids laughed and laughed.

Can you imagine what she or they would say about us today?  We sure do have it easier than our ancestors did. It's amazing how time has changed so many things!

They worked so hard in their days!

Remembering and sharing with a few laughs along the way

Once I asked grandmama to tell me something about granddaddy and their dating.  You know what caught her eye first about him.  She said, "Well he drove a spiffy car, a Model T!"  They were a cute couple!

She liked him anyway but I think the car won her over.  She told me  the others she had dated drove a horse and buggy!  She told me he was the only one from miles around that had a new car.  Ding, grandpa must have been rich! 

I sure do miss these two sweet people!

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all

Until Next Time,


  1. What a sweet story about your grandparents, Dolly. We had biscuits just about every day when I was young, too. One of my favorites was after a big turkey/chicken dinner the next meal would have biscuits swimming in turkey or chicken gravy. That was such a treat.

    Just so you know, when I click on your link in Bloglovin' it just sits there and doesn't go to your blog. I checked a couple of others and the link worked on them. I tried yours two or three times before I just googled your blog.

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and now I am hungry for biscuits. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana, That sounds good the biscuits and gravy. Thank you for letting me know about the Bloglovin' . Sometimes such a headache dealing with sites. I sure hope you have a great rest of the week too! I'm ready for a biscuit now myself..lol...xo Dolly

  2. Love your sweet stories! It's been said that our only claim to immortality is that people remember us. Now all your readers will remember your grandparents. Thanks for sharing.