Feb 8, 2024

Where To Save When To Spend

Today's Savings post is about minimizing costs, supplies, and time

Grocery prices are out of this world at the present time!  When you see items that your family uses at a good price, stock up! Save, and preserve them by freezing canning hydrating, or freeze drying. Do the best you can with what you have in the best way possible. 

Who's sick of the high cost of feeding the family?  What better motivation to find new ways to save money in every way possible.  Even small $avings will add up! Plus Freezing and Thawing Information...

It seems for a good number of years now everything has been super-sized meals and drinks. I think that began with the fast food restaurants. Look at our waistlines and see the difference!  I remember when you saw an overweight person it was a rarity.  Yes, it truly was.  Now it is every day and we have put on weight as well. It snuck up on us, didn't it?  We can do something about that, can't we? Yes, we can!

Solutions and $avings

Cook whole foods at home!  The best saving advice anyone can receive!

Cut Down Your Recipes $$$  It is amazing what lowering the amount of food we cook will do. 

The other day I cut my biscuit dough down and will continue to do so to save ingredients and money.

I was making a pan of biscuits it hit me.  Why am I making an entire pan of biscuits for the two of us?  The price of groceries isn't getting any cheaper.  In fact, they are way overpriced!  I cut the dough in half. Baked half and saved half for another day soon. Two meals of biscuits instead of one! Next time I'll just cut the recipe in half!

Today I cut down the number of chicken wings I baked for the hot wings recipe!  Saving every day in little ways!  I also put about half of the Ore Ida fries into the air fryer and we never missed the extra!

If food isn't in front of our face then we're less apt to overeat to begin with.  I'm not saying not eat enough we need to stop overeating for our health and pocketbook!

Where To Save When To Spend

Save Money Freezing Initial Spending to Save More in the Long Run

I know that freezer bags are getting more expensive by the day and I don't enjoy the fact that they are filling up our landfills but sometimes they are a needed item when freezing foods. Freezer Paper is a good product that our mother's and grandmother's always used.  

Reusable Freezer/Storage Bags Amazon

Are any of you using reusable freezer/storage bags?  I'm trying to decide if I want to or not. I don't relish the idea of washing after freezing meat but who knows I may try them.

I've been freezing my meats in smaller portions for some time now.  Instead of throwing the entire grocery package of steaks, chops, chicken pieces, or fish. 

I began years ago by putting two serving portions for each family member in the freezer. But our waistlines were growing and sometimes uneaten portions had to be thrown out.  

About a year ago I decided to freeze even smaller portions only one per family member.  I now freeze one individual serving at a time.  This may be more expensive in bags or freezer containers but the meats are saved and there is less waste.  I noticed the meats were lasting longer! $$$avings

  • To sum this up freeze individually only one portion of meat per household member. 

We all know how expensive groceries are and we don't need to waste anything.  It's easy enough to pull one more out if unexpected guests arrive when you freeze in this manner.

It is also a good idea if you freeze your own fruits and vegetables to buy some of those old-timey freezer containers that can be washed and used over and over. Such as these Arrow containers below.

Arrow Freezer Containers

These Arrow Freezer Containers can be found at Ace Hardware, Amazon, Target, True Value, Walmart, and other General Stores.  You will need to wash them by hand but it saves money and landfill space.

There are many other containers for freezer use read to make sure they are freezer safe

                                                                     Glad Freezer Ware

Freshware   Amazon

Did You Know You Can Freeze in Ball Jars?
They're Not Just For Canning

They also are great for keeping individual salads in a jar that stay crisp and delicious for a long time in the fridge. The best thing is they are easy to grab and people will eat and enjoy more.

If you're like me and can for life you have more than a great supply
If not then search around for the best deal possible because these are also
becoming way too expensive!

Take Care of Your New Freezer Containers. You want them to last. Wash according to directions and they should last a very long time.  Some may be used in the microwave and some definitely can not!  Read before you ruin.

Money and Food Storage Saving Methods

  1. Freeze meats in small packages for your family's use.  Plus smaller servings cut calories as well as costs.  You aren't as apt to thaw and eat more than let's say one pork chop...especially men who like two but get used to eating only one quickly.
  2. Label with Item and Date for future reference. 
  3. Buy freezer bags, containers, or wraps in bulk from wholesale clubs such as Sam's to save money.
  4. You can defrost your daily needs in the refrigerator or in water very quickly.
  5. Freeze fruits and vegetables in washable reusable freezer containers. Less likely to have freezer burn in those.  *This Strawberry Lady freezes most of her berries in the Arrow containers and they actually taste fresher than those I've frozen in the freezer bags.
  6. The Arrow freezer containers also stack nicely in your freezer and are space-saving
  7. More Money spent initially but will save lots in the long run by preserving your expensive groceries.

Click this link for Safe Freezing and Thawing of Raw Meats

Helpful directions tips and much-needed information

I hope some of these tips will help
Feel free to share any tips that work for you 
Meanwhile, I'll leave you with the link below for more


  1. Thank you for all the detailed info you assembled for this post - it's a practical tool for us all. As a diabetic I know first-hand the value of portion control. However, I eat Take Out way too often.

    1. Thank you Eileen! I'll bet you do know about portion control. I tend to eat too much even at home and am trying to make myself limit the portions....