Feb 25, 2024

Sentimental Sunday: little Dolly and the Houses

Me and the tiny house that is filled with memories

This tiny house picture was taken after the forest was cut away.  For many years it sat surrounded by trees. Look at the one tree that grew up and bent as if to protect the tiny house.

I was five years old at the time. This tenant house was on a farm where my grandparents lived. There were no nails used in building the home. One of the owners told me it was built and held together by wooden pegs and glue.

What was once a homeplace filled with love and laughter was left to survive in the forest.  

It was only a two-room home, you can read more about this tiny home in Simple Living, a post done years ago. There are fond memories for me anyway.

We stayed in this house while my daddy built our family home with his own two hands!

Imagine we were ahead of our time for the Tiny House movement!  I can tell you how a family of six soon to be seven lived in it!  A fireplace in each of the two rooms!

Taken from a post I was working on about saving money...
Before I go any further on this topic, does the tiny house in the above picture speak money to you?  Of course, it does not.  I'll tell you what it says to me though.  It says that a close-knit family moved into that small house and lived for over a year.  A daddy returning from WWII and finding his way back home to his parents and our grandparents on the farm.  

This old house was held together by pegs and glue. No nails were used in this sharecropper's house.  An owner said it may have also been slave quarters. That wasn't proven and I hope it wasn't true.

The House Daddy Carl Built

The house Daddy built with his own two hands, and
Mama landscaped so beautifully with her's

Mama was such an avid gardener and she made the place shine with her plants and trees.  When she wasn't gardening she was cleaning taking care of five children and cooking for all who came into our home.  

It wasn't unusual to come home from school and find complete strangers in the kitchen eating talking and laughing. She was an excellent cook!

She and Daddy never met a stranger a quality I admired in them.

Daddy was so talented in many ways.  He could build a home and automobile with his hands.  He built an auto body shop in the backyard where many many people had theirs fixed.  This was at a time when auto body men the best of them could build parts and entire automobiles from steel and metal with their bare hands and tools.

Later he along with his sons and the other Johnson brothers also worked and built every part of race cars. Some drove them as well!  

We grew up with some of the most famous drivers, and car owners visiting our homeplace.  It was normal but looking back on it a very good and interesting normal.

I can still hear Daddy saying to us girls, "Now you girls stay inside when 'so & so comes out here!' "You hear me?"  Okay did we listen?  Of course not we did it in hiding but we still looked from the windows to the side of the house. 😃 You bet we did!  

We as a family lived in this home for many years.  Celebrated many occasions with many extended family, neighbors, and friends.  It was filled with activity, laughter, and love during my childhood.  The house no longer stands on the homeplace, so I am glad to see this picture.  

I loved this place  
It was in its time a very large home
We lived simply and happily!

Happy Sentimental Sunday Y'all

Until Next Time

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