Oct 18, 2011

"Ma Roger's" Pie Safe

This was Chuck's Grandmother Roger's, ("Ma" is what they called her) Pie Safe.  

I believe it was white and in great need of repair but holds so many memories. 
Chuck had it refinished and it is a beautiful piece.

I certainly need to clean this off but it holds so many memories for Chuck. 
The old wooden Octagon Box, the gourds from Carey, Chuck's new step dad, 
The different colored egg shells from my first chickens. 
I love the blue ones

Antique whisk and railroad nails mama found at the back of our property is the former location of a railroad track.

Love the wooden box from Runkel Brothers founded in 1870 New York & Chicago.

Best of all It was for
Premium Baking Chocolate!

Look at this. Isn't it marvelous!

This says:
Octagon Soap
Sales are increasing rapidly because:
First.-- It is a high grade soap, simply
perfect, made from sweet, pure stock
unadulterated, sure to please.
Second.--It is well advertised by the
immense list of premiums for the old folks,
young people and children
Read the list on each wrapper.

Isn't that a hoot!!! I love it!!

1915 Runkel's Cocoa Original Vintage Hot Chocolate Poster

The Runkel Brothers Chocolate and Cocoa Company was founded in New York in the late 1800s and existed well into the 1900s until it was taken over by the Swiss conglomerate Nestle in 1982.


  1. What a great collection!-Love the wooden chocolate box :)

  2. Hi Dolly!
    I love this post! Lovely cabinet and your wooden boxes are great. My hubby has a couple of large wooden shoe boxes from the mills in MA.with stamps on them... very fun and so many uses for them!
    thanks for sharing this with the farmgirls!
    btw... are those Hibiscus in your front yard in your header photo? Lovely!

  3. That's another wonderful piece you have! Again, so precious to have such a beautiful piece that has been passed down. The wood boxes have excellent patinas and text! Love it all girl~

  4. I saw you over on Brambleberry cottage, so I thought I'd stop by. Love those crates on top of the cabinet. Welcome to blogging. You'll love it!

  5. Dolly,
    I have almost the exact same pie safe sitting in our house!!! It was my grandmother's and I've had it for years. You must come see it!

  6. Hi Everybody! Thanks for such sweet comments.
    DEb would you believe that those pink blooms are cotton..I never knew cotton blooms were so pretty until these. I have had Hibiscus but they die on me but have to have more for Hibiscus House...Jane I will have to visit and see your pie safe.Thanks Rebecca, Angie and Pam for your nice comments..