Oct 17, 2011

Dolly's Simple Giveaway WINNER

We have a winner:
Jo Anne @ A Pocketful of Blue

Dolly's Simple Giveaway

Hi everyone!  You know that Hibiscus House is about simple country living with "simple" 
Being the key word, so in honor of the word "simple" I personally will be giving away from time to time simple everyday things. Things that make life more pleasurable. The simple touches that we take for granted and don't miss until we don't have them.

Things that I love and feel that you would enjoy, easy. different, creative. Some may even be a little quirky

Items will vary from new, to antique or home made, hand crafted with love from others as well as myself

I have wonderful creative friends that have offered some of their talented works I will tell about the creator of these works in those posts

First Giveaway is a little quirky

Christmas with Southern Living

Why do you ask am I giving away a book that is from 2006? It is because for years I have made several recipes from this book and they have become family traditions.

This is a brand new book I just purchased it has never been read, in fact the pictures in this blog are from my own personal well worn copy. I will put in a note paper with the recipes we cook annually because they are so delicious!

Page 87
White Chocolate-Dipped Oatmeal-Cranberry Cookies
I made these yesterday and they are delicious!!!

substituted white chocolate for the candy coating that was in my cabinet, imagine if they are delicious now how much better they would be with great chocolate!

Finished Product

How do I enter you may ask?


Leave a comment on this post to let me know you are entering 
Dolly's Giveaway

maybe tell of a favorite Christmas Memory of your own

That's It

Hope to hear from you soon!!


  1. Hi Dolly! I am entering to win the Christmas Cookbook! THANKS!!! Love the website by the way!

  2. So just noticed I spelled my name wrong. Its Bri Parnell. But you probably knew that! Thanks!

  3. Well, Hello, Dolly !!! I am entering to win the Christmas Cookbook. I had this book at one time, but gave it to my sister. I would LOVE to have another one. Great Recipes !!!

  4. Hello you two, glad you are entering. Those recipes are good aren't they Beth...

  5. Hello Dolly!
    I live in the Pee Dee area, too! I recognized Webbie Debbie's picture and realized that you must be from SC. I live near Lamar. Please enter me in your giveaway because I don't have this book and I'm always looking for new Christmas ideas and recipes. I'm having a giveaway too if you'd like to enter.

  6. Hi Dolly,
    Thanks so much for your sweet giveaway - the book looks lovely!

    I'd like to enter and thanks!

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

  7. Hi! On the post you linked to Potpourri Friday, the comment link must be turned off as I cannot find it. Of course, I found the cookbook giveaway and would like to be entered!

    I appreciate you linking to Potpourri Friday!

  8. Hi... I just came from the house in the roses, from the link you left in our Show Off Your Cottage Monday.... thank you for bringing me here! ;) Love love that house in your blog banner... yours? Truly dreamy.



  9. Hi I am entering the Christmas Cookbook if you let me.
    I'm from Japan

    gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

  10. Hi! Nice of you to be giving away gifts. I'm not entering as I believe the postage would be very high since I live very far away. All the best and thank you for the kind words.

  11. Cielo, Gustosa and One I have sent you all messages..Thankd so much for visiting!

  12. Hi Dolly... how sweet of you to invite me to enter your generous give away... yes, please do enter my name.... (I'm adding fairy dust for luck) :)


  13. Hey, Dolly. I thought you might like to know I'm canning pears; well at least I'm peeling pears and PLANNING to can them. I'll let you know if I get it done. If I don't mention it, ha ha, don't ask. :)
    Dianne Hill

  14. Hi Dolly ~ Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I would love to win your giveaway, it looks like a beautiful book. Your farmhouse looks amazing!

  15. Hello Dolly,would like to enter for the giveaway.It brings back memories of my mom in the kitchen cooking for the holidays. Thanks Robbin Webster

  16. Robin you need to give me contact info in an email etc in case you win.