Aug 3, 2015

What's Going On in? July

The weather has been extremely hot as you probably know.  Pears and grapes are ripening, tomatoes have done all they're going to do this year and we really didn't make many.  It has been an extremely hot and dry July here. This sandy soil has always been great for squash and peas.  Can you believe it is August already? School will soon start here and it has been one of the shortest summers I can remember. 
Join me won't you for a short believe it or not look back to July here at Hibiscus House....

We've been enjoying the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.
Froze plenty of fresh vegetables from home and the farmer's market.  
Canned lots of tomatoes and made Dill Pickles!

Tried out a new bread baking pan that I ordered from King Arthur.
Do you see my sour dough container?  I got that also from King Arthur. 
I'll do a review on this on Dolly is Cooking * Sorry that blog no longer is being published.*

Making Bread:  Sour Dough Baguettes King Arthur Recipe

I've yet to perfect this recipe but I won't give up!

Sour Dough Loaves

This particular pear tree is so loaded.  A strong wind came through and
a branch absolutely loaded with pears was lost.  Quite a few survive.
I'm waiting for them to finish ripening.

You may remember the post recently about Painting The
Porch Ceiling Haint Blue..
I'm still trying to pick out my Haint Blue for the porch ceiling.
This is the sky over my house.  Well one of the pictures the other
was way too dark.  

The Chimney Sweeps still fly around us on the front porch.  One even landed on little Phillip's shoulder.  I hope painting the ceiling won't run them off because they are adorable.  They even greet us when we come up the driveway and escort us out when we leave home.

The Crepe Myrtles have come out.  The main trees died from the awful Winter we had so I read where Grumpy Gardener advised cutting the dead off and letting the new growth get 3-4 feet tall and then cut back all but 3-4 strong branches.  

He has such great advice.  I would have thought when first looking at the main dead tree limbs that I had to dig them up and buy more.  I was wrong and these are beautiful! 

The Dominiques

They have grown a lot since This picture was taken the first of the month. I'll have to update later. Sadly one of these chicks was eaten by a rat/chicken snake a couple of weeks ago.  I regret that for sure.  We have 4 left.  The Buffs are growing and are absolutely beautiful!  I will update with a picture soon.  

The chickens are doing fine although we've suffered some losses.  "Spot" our Barred Rock Rooster has gone I think something got him but saw just a few feathers nothing more. Casper the dog has been moping around sad without his best friend.  He is a great watch dog though.  He loves his flock and they love him. You can see he and Spot here

"Little Brainiac" decorating his cake.

I think he is pleased!

I enjoyed how much this one enjoyed the Plants & Zombies on this cake!

Girls having fun!

I had  fish fried for me with the tails..I like them.

These two are always up to something fun!

Parties Lots of Parties!

"Little One" and "Beauty" loving the beach!

Happy Boy!

Enjoying the last days of Summer Vacation.

We've been enjoying the children at the beach and water parks.  Such fun!  Summer goes so quickly! We've had quite a few birthdays with friends and family.  July was full of fun gatherings, great food and activities!  Lots of hot, hard work too....I hope you've had a great Summer so far.  Take care.

Until next time,


  1. The crepe myrtles look nice. Mom's are in full bloom too. She had to commit crepe murder once, they grew so large that she lost the view of her lake! Everything else seems to be going well in your end of the world, lots of fun with family- the zombie cake kills me! LOL

    1. Crepe Murder is all you can do when the main section of the trees have died (laughing) Had to do it...I'll bet your Mom's place is so pretty! Yes we're doing pretty well thank God. Yes I thought the boys was going to have a Lego Cake but it was Plants & and grown-up with a great week Kathy!

    2. The boy not the boys! Can't spell today.