Jul 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Cop!

What a great week we've had enjoying Chuck's Birthday!  The family always tries to get together and most of that time is spent eating good food and enjoying each other's company.  
Join me for a birthday week with our "Cop"!....

Handcuff Tie Pin

I had to share this tie pin he wore one Sunday.  Yes there are a few things you can get a born policeman.  He's had this for a while but I wanted to share it with you.

I love the stance he has.  Look at that military/cop stance.  Yes he still has it!  I'm proud of him can you tell.  

We had a surprise meal here at home one night with some family, but I didn't get any pictures.  Yes they said, well they shouted at me to "Put That Camera DOWN!"  So no pictures!

Next We went to my daughter's house for a Birthday Lunch!  We had pizza!  Yes, we even ordered pizza!  We didn't cook a thing because we had just celebrated another family member's birthday right before.  

Birthday Cake from Local Bakery "Freeman's"

Yes, I did...I bought him a birthday cake.  My friends were in shock that I would buy a cake, when my we bake cakes all of the time.  I might add that child of mine is quite the baker (don't tell her but she's got me beat)!  I told one friend that I cooked for him daily and treated him like a King so on his birthday I thought he would like something different!

Carly's Birthday Layout!

She should be a party planner always doing something special for others that they like!  Yes and what's more appropriate than cops and robbers plates and napkins?  Donuts!  Why yes she served Krispy Kreme Donuts of all kinds!  We also had a chocolate 6 or 8 layer cake too, along with the Caramel Birthday Cake.

Another shot of the table showing the cake and some of the cookies.

Check out these plates daughter ordered!  They connect like a puzzle..The cops and robbers!  They are so cute!

Aren't these cookies great?  
A local Lady made these

He likes his cookies!  This one is a badge..

Chuck with "Lil Brainiac" enjoying the day

Little One has one of the "Cop" Cookies

Look at Little One's cop shirt with Pop Pop.  
He likes it!  
"Lil Brainiac" gave us all sweat bands from his birthday party collection.

Eating his crocodile cookie.  He says one bit him on the foot at the beach!

Happy Birthday Honey!

We surprised him again on this day and so we couldn't dress or make like we were going anywhere.  I had him to take me to the local farmers market to get some vegetables to throw him off..then we went to my daughter's house for lunch.  It was a fun laid back casual day!

Had to share this picture!


  1. Happy Birthday! I can't believe those plates, I thought they were cute and then you showed how they fit together and it was amazingly clever! Also the donuts with candles, I wish I would have thought of that!! The cookies are adorable too. What a great time!

    1. Chuck says thanks for the birthday wishes! It was fun wish you could have been here with us!

  2. Happy birthday Chuck! It looked like a fun day. Love those cookies.

    1. Thanks Kim from Chuck! We had fun for a few days making over him. Yes that lady does a great job with those.