Mar 10, 2014

"Mimi's" Brag Book: The Boys & Their Shadows

Today in Mimi's Brag Book We talk about Shadows!

H is serious about this shadow.  I had to cut the picture for a close up of this adorable face.

Our lion the eldest of our sweet grandsons. We have to build a new frame for the old swing.  Lots to do and Spring is on the way. The sun is out and is beautiful.

He sees his shadow

Having fun with his shadow

These two boys are extremely close, look at "Little Brainiac's" smiling face.  He really loves his baby brother.

A view from sitting

Well my flip photo pics for today.  Thanks for indulging me and aren't they adorable?

Love this!

Well that is Grandma "Mimi's" Brag Book for today.


  1. They are so adorable! Lucky you :) Isn't it cute when they are in that shadow stage! lol Have a great one!!

    1. Thank you so much! I do love them. It was so cute him seeing his shadow and acting as if it were his friend.