Mar 15, 2014

Hibiscus House Spotlight Artist Series: Tim Cox Cowboy Artist

 Tim Cox

Welcome to the world of Tim Cox and what a world it is.  You can see it in his paintings, you can read it in his descriptions, you can almost touch it.  I look at his work and can hear and smell the horses, feel the breezes blowing, see, feel and even taste the water.  Can you hear the fire crackling and popping around the campfires?  I Can. 

This man is so gifted that I will have more than one post.  One is at our design blog, dolly's designs which showcases a gallery of his paintings, but here at Hibiscus House we will tell some of his story as well.

A Little of His Bio
EXPERIENCE THE WEST through Tim's eyes.  He paints what he knows.
Tim's work hangs in the permanent collections of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia and in the Old West Museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Tim is a fourth generation Arizonan born in 1957 and raised in the farming and ranching community of Duncan, Arizona near the New Mexico state line.  He now resides outside Bloomfield, New Mexico, where he continues to raise a few cattle and train horses with his daughter Calla and wife Suzie. More bio here

Take a look at some of his work.

"Peaceful Waters"

Tim & Suzie Cox were gracious enough to share some things about the work so in their own words:

Tim Cox paints what he knows; ranchers, stewards of the range, cowboys or country kids - all of them touch his heart.  Vibrant horses, beautiful cattle; add a striking landscape with dramatic skies - clear blue, wispy pink clouds or spectacular thunderheads and you have a Tim Cox painting.

SADDLE UP AND RIDE ALONG with Tim through his paintings at!

"Peace of Mind"  another new release!
link here

Many of his memorable works are available as Limited Edition Prints, Canvases, Giclées and Calendars, starting at $25.  We also have a lot of Limited   Editions and Canvas Transfers, which are highly collectible.  We have had a super year and hope you have as well! Tim has been "busy as a huntin' dog", painting around the clock. Tim’s extra effort produced some incredible new pieces to offer you this year. "Peaceful Waters" received an overwhelming   reception, so we decided to make it our featured painting this year. A handsome cowboy on a striking palomino mare that is sipping the glistening water just takes my breath away. We also are printing a painting of another good looking fellow and his dog called "Peace of Mind". It has glowing pink clouds that are stunning.

"Who Dat"
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link here

For almost 30 years, Tim has participated in the Settlers West's Art Shows, particularly, their Miniature Show. "Who Dat" and "Whassup" were two of the special little paintings that created some buzz with the mares and baby colt and yearlings showing such intrigue and character in their expressions. These are a nice 12" X 16" size and would be perfect hung together or with a larger piece between them.

 "Night Breezes"
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 “We moved 3,000 head of yearling steers to summer pasture. We had a chuck wagon, range teepees & camped along the way. We would hobble our horses so we could catch them the next morning."
Our next release, "Night Breezes", was the result of a moment of inspiration that Tim had while moving cattle. He recounted the experience later, “We moved 3,000 head of yearling steers to summer pasture. We had a chuck wagon, range teepees and camped along the way. We would hobble our horses so that we could catch them the next morning."
 "When Horse Whispering Gets Loud"
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"When Horse Whispering Gets Loud" has to be one of Tim's most exciting pieces!  It is bursting with action, dust and fabulous lighting. 

 "Straight From The Well"
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"A Well Earned Drink"
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 In addition to Tim’s newest pieces, we are also releasing the long awaited, Super Size Giclée editions of "Rocky Mountain Paradise" and, hopefully, "A Well Earned Drink"! So, if you need a fill a focal point, these are definitely the pieces to do it.

"Rocky Mountain Paradise"
link here

"Spring Branding Time"

The drama of a working ranch is shown in “Spring Branding”.  Collectors fell in love with the original at the CA Show last fall.  It truly is a piece where you feel as though you are there.   Upon admiring the painting, individuals would actually cup their hands toward the calf’s face and coo to try to comfort her.

"More Than Just a Horse"
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"More Than Just a Horse" pulls at the heartstrings.  Tim enjoyed painting this one so close to his heart.  He said, “Last spring, we were moving 3,000 head of yearling steers to summer pasture.  We had a chuck wagon, range teepees and camped along the way. We would hobble our horses so we could catch them the next morning.  I have witnessed similar situations when there were full days, hard on horses and men.  Some consider their working animals a tool and to others they are a partner and “More Than Just a Horse.”

 "A Lot Like Heaven"
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"A Lot Like Heaven" depicts a cowboy standing quietly beside his saddled horse, watching the sunrise.  It was the cover on Western Horseman magazine and was featured in Jennifer Denison's Concept to Completion article.  In the article, Tim explained, “I call backlighting like that seen in this painting ‘God light,’ because it gives you a spiritual feeling.I wanted to convey one of those days when everything is going right, and you can look out over the horizon and have a spiritual moment about what you’re doing that day, the West, and all the rewards life brings you during those fleeting moments.”

I wanted to leave you with those word from the last painting of this post.  I love that every bit of it so encouraging and beautiful.  Can you see that he appreciates God's Beautiful World?  I can and how beautifully he depicts it through his paintings.
I have included the links to the paintings that I've shared if available.  They go directly to the secure web page where you can browse to your heart's content.  There are many sizes and prices available, to suit everyone's needs.  Have a great time!

 Western Horseman 

One of his many covers!
Be sure to visit the website and please tell him Dolly sent you!

Mr. Tim Cox I applaud your talent and thank you so very much for sharing with us!

Be sure to visit dolly's designs for a gallery of more artwork by Tim Cox here

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  1. I can't believe how talented this man is! I thought I was looking at a photograph when I scrolled down to the first picture. He is amazing!!! AMAZING. If I were into horses or western type art I would LOVE one of his prints. He is phenomenal!!! xo Diana

    1. I know! Chuck needs a man cave and I'd like to hang some of this artwork in there for sure! I love it. Years ago I had a home with steer horns over the fireplace indian and cowboy artifacts...this would have been a dream addition to that home..I will pass along your compliments to him. He is as nice as he is talented he and the family.

  2. *lol* first i thought too it is a photo, but after a few pictures WOW they are sooooooo pretty! i wished i could buy one :D lol

  3. I know what you mean Nicole! I declare I need one if I have to talk hubby into a man cave to put it in! lol..Tim is so very talented! Good to hear from you.