Mar 22, 2014

Weekend With H

Today I'm sharing my youngest grandson H.  Yes that's what we call him.  Today he has on his Woody Cowboy Hat, Toy Story Shirt and Boots that light up when he walks.  He really likes this outfit.  Would you like to see why this little fellow is sad?

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.  Here the weather is absolutely beautiful.  
A gentle breeze and temperatures in the 70s.  Spring my favorite time of the year!  I'm enjoying this cute little tike and his boots.  He won't take his eyes off of them!

Can you tell how much H likes his Woody Cowboy Boots?
Just look at that face. 
I like how the little man crosses his legs and looks at them.

He now has his hat and boots on.  He is a rooten tooten Cowboy

Oh no!  He found his Toy Story Shirt, hat and boots.  
What happens next?
His mom says it is time to take a bath. 
This is one sad little cowboy!

Well I hate to see him cry but he cheered up soon with his bath and treats.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh- He is darling, Dolly! I love it when they get something on that they love and want ot wear it all the time. We have pair of soccer pjs that our E loves that are about 2 sizes too small and he would wear them every day of life if we would let him. lol xo Diana

    1. Diana that is too cute. I'm smiling and thinking of your E. I'll bet he is a cutie! They are adorable aren't they? Hope you're having a really good weekend! xoxo Dolly