Feb 8, 2020


I love a rocking chair!  I can remember mama and grandmama rocking me as a child. Special memories were made while sitting on the front and back porches of the grandparents' homes! You could hear some of the darndest stories while sitting there with them! 

As we grew we would sit on the porch steps for a few minutes listening to them and then run off to play and get into some mischief of course!

But the fondest memories I can recall were due to the rocking chairs out on the porch! Join me today as we have Rocking Chair Talk!

This chair in the front is one of the newest on our porch.  It is not wood!  Oh my, the shame!  Yes, I love the wood better!  This is made from some form of plastic and is called Polywood Plantation Rocker.  I purchased this from Amazon, thanks to my son in law, and I have to admit the blame thing sits good (well)!  It is very comfortable and rocks as smooth as my Uncle Junior could drive a race car!  Now that was smooth!  This chair is too!  I like it!  Thanks, Chuck for putting this together! He says it wasn't bad to assemble. (Hey that calls for another to add to our front porch Yes!)

Front view

It does appear to be slightly smaller than our older ones we have here.  I need to replace a rocker on one and paint both of those.  We purchased them from The Cracker Barrel! You can't beat those! I may have to buy more of those as well! The family is growing and each needs their own chair!

Pollywood Rocker front, Cracker Barrel Slat Rocker in the back of the photo
Look at the view we have to the side, absolutely beautiful sky!

The Polywood Rocker Seat front measures 20 inches and the Cracker Barrel measures 22 1/4 inches. The height of the Polywood seat at the back of the seat is 13 inches, whereas the Cracker Barrel is 15 inches. The Polywood Rocker sits a little lower in that respect.  I like them both actually.

Our old slat back from Cracker Barrel
It is in need of paint!
If this chair could talk, what a tale it would have!

Box the new Polywood Rocker came in
Look closely behind and you will see the Cracker Barrel Woven Seat Rocker

The broken rocker we need to replace on the woven seat
Lots of rain and one or more little critters loved this wooden chair way too much!
I think it was an appetizer for them!

The bunnies love the wood as seen in the post:  Bunny Talk and Porch Curtains!

Family Tradition:  Porch Sitting and Telling Stories!

I guess that I should share a porch rocking story with you today.  

Grandma Cora

One particular story stands out in my mind that she used to tell and it was about a favorite cow. 
 I have forgotten the name of that cow.  Grandma would pick wildflowers to put on her hat.  They did that a lot when they would be going off to visit or something. They traveled in those days with a horse and buggy.  She said she loved that favorite cow so she would run off to tell her/him goodbye and that cow would have the best time eating those flowers off of her straw hat!  She said, "Every time I'd get near that cow she'd eat the flowers off my hat!"  I get the feeling she loved that cow so much she didn't really care!

Join me over at Love Your Creativity

This post may serve two purposes
Southern Traditions of porch sitting and visiting
Product Review of sorts I'll update as to how the Polywood performs with time.

Disclosure:  I purchased these items and the reviews are as always truthful and as seen by me/us personally.


  1. Love this post, Dolly. I love a rocking chair on a front porch. I love the Cracker Barrel ones but the other one sounds pretty great, too.
    Love the Grandma Cora story. That was my grandmother's name, too. I never knew her-she died giving birth to her 12th child and they buried her with the baby in her arms. Bittersweet memory for my father. xo Diana

    1. Oh my, Diana, what a family story. How touching that they buried her with the baby. That breaks my heart too. I'm sorry you never got to meet your Grandma Cora. I know she must have been such a sweet lady.
      I like this new rocker, but can't say yet if it would come up to the Cracker Barrel rockers in my heart! Time will tell.

  2. Grandparents were the best to talk too. Mine would also sit on the porch with us and talk for hours. I remember my grandpaw sat in an old Glider on his porch and fed the squirrels. I would love to have his old glider.
    Cracker Barrel has some nice rockers but I love your new Poly rocker.

    1. Hi Lisa!
      I like the gliders too mama had one in her yard. I know you had fun with your grandpaw! I just ordered two Cracker Barrel rockers to go along with the rest. You know we never can have enough comfortable
      chairs to sit on and visit when family and friends come! Bet you have some wonderful stories that are with you too from those visits. Hope you get the old glider.

  3. I love your story and I can only imagine what fun it is to be on the porch with a rocker. One day I'll see to it that I will have a rocker too:) Have a blessed week Dolly:)

    1. Oh, thank you! I hope you do have a rocker too! It is wonderful to hear from you sweet Lady! Hope your week is blessed as well!