Feb 11, 2020

White Rice: Simple Beginner Cooking

Today's Simple Beginner Cooking Recipe!

I've been asked to share the most simple recipes for those just learning to cook, and I'm happy to do it!  This will be an ongoing section of the blog.  I'll make a page specifically for easier location of them.

I've been cooking rice for over fifty years!  I can not believe it!

'Family & Traditions'. My Aunt once told me there was one thing she learned very quickly being married to a Johnson.  I was starring at her patiently waiting for some profound statement when she said, "I knew I had to make a pot of rice and then decide what else to go with it."  Evidently, the way to any of the Johnson relatives is a pot of rice and then go from there!

So, that's why we grew up with rice so many times a week, daddy loved it!  The whole family did. I guess that is one of our family traditions

There are many ways to cook rice and we'll cover some of those later.  Today is the recipe on the bag of rice. I added how it works for me.

There are many rice varieties to choose from.  Today we are talking about white rice.  My granddaddy told me the best rice to buy is Blue Ribbon. I was using Riceland at the time but decided to choose the more reasonably priced brand he told me about. We have been using it ever since!

At Walmart  and other local grocers
More expensive but also at Amazon 

Cooking Rice On Regular Stove


  • White rice
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Optional: olive oil or butter
  • Pot with lid

*A Very Important Tip/Fact is Never Lift The Lid While Cooking until the 20 minutes is up.

*A simple thing to remember about cooking regular white rice is double the water to rice in measurement.  
* ** There is one exception to this would be using an InstantPot they require less water, but we'll get into that later if you wish.*


I usually cook 1 cup rice-2 cups water with 1/2 teaspoon salt.  There are only two or three of us here most of the time. So that is plenty of rice for us to have more than once. I think that would make enough to serve 4-6.

You can wash your rice if you wish.  I have a special rice washing straining bowl for this task. I will put it at the bottom of this post.  I don't always wash mine, my mama never did, my mother in law always did.  She cooked hers in a double boiler. We'll discuss other ways to cook rice at a later time. We'll take it one method at a time.


  • Add the water and salt to a saucepot
  • Bring to a boil
  • Add rice
  • Return to boil
  • Turn heat to low and cover with the lid **
  • Cook for 20 minutes exactly
  • Test a piece of rice to check and if done Remove pot from heat
  • Place pot on a hot pad and lift lid moving it to leave a gap open in pot
  • Lift lid after a few minutes and lightly fluff with a fork.
  • Serve soon
  • Refrigerate leftovers! (see pictures below to see the reason why!)

    **Note** My range has heat 10 being High and 1 being low.  I cook my rice on #2 and it works well, you will soon find just the right low setting on yours to cook your rice. Don't give up rice is something that is never easy.  Experiment and you'll get it!

    This is the reason rice needs to be refrigerated.

    I was called away with an emergency and left this rice out overnight. I was going to reheat around noon of the next day I happened to put the rice into one of my microwave cookers. Look at what I saw on the bottom! Awful mold! Threw it out immediately! (remember I said that I've been cooking rice over 50 years! Crazy me! I should have known better)

    Moldy Rice!

    Click the pictures if you want to see a larger view

    Had to share this with you so you will not let it happen to you

    Bonus Recipe:  Cooking Rice In The Microwave

    1. Combine ingredients into a microwave-safe dish. 
    2. Cover and microwave on high until mixture comes to a boil. Approx. 5 minutes
    3. Reduce power to medium (50%) for 15 minutes.
    4. Let stand 5 minutes, fluff with a fork and serve.

    ***I've cooked rice in a microwave for months when our Electrolux range was down (one of the many times).  I used a Pampered Chef Rice Cooker and it was a lifesaver at the time! ***

    I hope that this has helped those of you new to cooking.
    It sounds simple because it is. 
    You will do great and feel free to ask questions at any time!


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    The one below is like the older one I have in black which may be retired from Pampered Chef, but I personally have never used the one below.

    More Choices for Pampered Chef Microwave Cookers

    Microwave Rice Cookers


    Also helpful for washing rice and small grains
    I own this one and it works well!


    1. Hi Dottie,

      These beginner cooking posts are a great idea! I'm not new to cooking, but getting rice right can be a tricky thing. My mom always made Minute Rice (she worked full-time when we were growing up). Anyway, that was what I cooked for years, but eventually learned to cook the old-fashioned kind. I love rice, but am not really supposed to eat much of it, as I'm trying to keep my weight and cholesterol down. I need to learn to cook some tasty, brown rice recipes. :)

      Thanks for your visit this week and have a great day!!



      1. Hi Denise!
        You are so right rice can be a tricky thing to get right and even after 50 years I sometimes can get some mushy rice.  Minute Rice was a treat when growing up because mama always cooked her rice..Funny the memories we have. Another treat which we rarely had was TV Dinners! Yep, those were a splurge and treat. Funny I know!  I like brown rice too!  
        I thank you for visiting and commenting.  I'm going to start visiting more often and commenting so others will know I've been.